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GSMX-P fire gas detector


Fires usually develop over a long period of time. Nevertheless, many systems detect too late. Temperature rises in the exhaust air can only be detected very late by means of temperature sensors and conventional smoke detectors are too sluggish and dust-prone for use under industrial conditions due to their functioning.

In contrast to other systems, the GSMX-P follows the approach of detecting the fire gases in the formation phase and thus does not have to wait for strong smoke concentrations or late temperature increases. If the gas concentrations deviate even slightly from the target state, the GSMX-P already gives a first alarm.

The GSMX-P fire gas detector monitors the entire cross-section of the clean gas / ventilation line. For this purpose, it is attached to the line in a separate housing. Two pipes protruding into the clean gas / ventilation line generate continuous air extraction over the entire cross-section using the Venturi principle. The design not only enables representative and reproducible monitoring, but also dispenses with further electrical aids such as pumps or fans.

 Where is such system used?

Almost every process in every industry can be monitored with a GSMX-P in a filter. Because it is a complex system for monitoring multiple gas components, factors such as the following are considered:

  • Air flow rate m³ / h
  • Flow velocity and pipe diameter
  • The amount of dust in the air
  • Bulk goods (fire and explosion parameters)

The sensor is installed in the process and gets used to the process and the conditions in the first step. This makes it possible to create an exact picture of the conventional gas concentrations to then find the optimal limit value for each application. This is usually just above the conventional concentrations in order to detect even the smallest deviations and to prevent a fire.