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There has been a massive demand for more rechargeable intrinsically safe (IS) headlamps with an ATEX Zone 0 rating, and Nightstick solves that problem with the XPR-5554G.

Featuring MagMate™ charge coupling, there is no more flipping the connector from one side to the other, trying to figure out which way to insert it. Open the cover and hold the connector near the port, and it automatically snaps into place and begins charging. With no cap to get torn off, you can be confident that your headlamp will stay completely waterproof even while charging. Visit for more information.



ECOM Instruments hardware solutions for hazardous areas tested with Ericsson Industry 4.0 ecosystem

The ultra-rugged devices and accessories from the Pepperl+Fuchs brand ECOM Instruments enable a seamless connected worker concept, securing safety and efficiency of workers in Industry 4.0. Any device or equipment deployed in oil and gas, petrochemical and process industries, requires explosion protection. This will meet maximum safety requirements for workplaces and equipment used in explosive environments with relevant approval for the region (IECEx, ATEX, NEC) working in a professional cellular Push-to-talk (PTT) ecosystem. Smartphones, tablets in combination with smart glasses, wired or Bluetooth Radio Speaker Mic along with lone worker protection capabilities enable beneficial applications to drive mobile worker’s safety, productivity and efficiency.

ECOM Instruments is a brand of Pepperl+Fuchs and is a hardware and services specialist for use cases using mobile, intrinsically safe communication equipment for hazardous environments. 

Ericsson is a leader in cellular communication and is accelerating adoption of private networks in verticals like offshore, process industries and mining with a portfolio of pre-integrated private cellular network solutions. Through their cooperation, the two global market leaders ECOM and Ericsson guarantee and accelerate the transformation towards Industry 4.0.

The business case for private cellular networks in Industry 4.0

The fifth-generation of cellular technology 5G, is often touted as a key enabler for the digital transformation of industrial sectors, notably manufacturing, with specific Industry 4.0 use cases built around ubiquitous coverage of business process operations that may span across a large geographical area. In this case, the inability of public 5G or 4G LTE (an advanced form of 4G) networks to cover all the sites of large corporations is driving private cellular networks. These also allow the secure connection of remote Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices and computing found at the edge (perimeter of a 5G coverage area) to central data centers.

Traditional wireless technologies, like Wi-Fi, often struggle to support business- and mission-critical applications. Businesses and their operations are demanding faster, more secure, and more reliable connectivity that can scale as you grow, while supporting innovative applications through open APIs. Ericsson Private 5G is Ericsson’s next generation private network product providing secure and reliable 4G and 5G connectivity through its single server dual mode core. Built for business operations, the product comes pre-integrated to ensure rapid time to use and turning on advanced and intelligent operations in any environment. Together, ECOM Instruments and Ericsson are creating a better understanding of the concept of the seamlessly connected mobile worker and improving its practical implementation. In doing so, they ensure maximum safety and efficiency of the workforce in Industry 4.0.




Third tablet generation fit for ATEX/IECEx zone 1/21: ECOM presents Tab-Ex® 03 DZ1

The Tab-Ex® 03 tablet from the Pepperl+Fuchs brand ECOM Instruments is the third generation of Samsung devices in variants for industrial use in harsh environments. From November 2022 on, the Tab-Ex® 03 will be available in the DZ1 variant for use in ATEX/IECEx zone 1/21. Thus, it is suitable for use in areas where an explosive atmosphere may arise from a mixture of air with flammable substances. After the Tab-Ex® 03 was already introduced at the beginning of the year in the variants DZ2 (for ATEX zone 2/22 & Division 2) and D2 (for Division 2), ECOM Instruments completes its latest generation of tablets and thus consistently continues the success story of the 8-inch Tab-Ex® series.

Wherever flammable substances are manufactured, processed, transported or stored, safety plays a particularly important role. The demand for intrinsically safe mobile devices is growing steadily with increasing digitalization - the threshold to the hazardous area should not be an obstacle to digitalization. In line with these requirements, the Tab-Ex® 03 tablet, which is based on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3, offers state-of-the-art technology for hazardous areas. It works with Android 12 and an update guarantee, Samsung Knox ensures high data and device security. The Samsung DeX feature supports a quick switch from mobile to desktop use by connecting the tablet to an external monitor to use a desktop-like user interface. In addition, the tablet offers larger RAM and external storage than previous models.

The Tab-Ex® 03 DZ1 delivers industry-leading performance in mobile devices for hazardous locations. It is easy to operate with gloves or the S Pen stylus. The wide range of functions and suitable peripherals for industrial use make the Tab-Ex® 03 DZ1 the perfect companion for a modern mobile worker. Digital products and services such as automated pre-configuration, comprehensive mobile device management and device analytics from ECOM Instruments complete the multifaceted solution: The tablet can be easily configured, managed and updated at any time - even over-the-air. This means that the Tab-Ex® 03 DZ1 can be fully adapted to individual requirements and challenges and offers optimum support in everyday work.

More efficiency and security for mobile workers

ACompared to the previous version in international use, the third-generation tablet offers enhanced data and device security, for example through the latest Samsung Knox Enterprise Edition. It offers full support for all functions such as mobile login, configuration, management and E-FOTA (Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air). This ensures basic protection against malware and data protection hacks.

In Tab-Ex® 03, mobile workers get a tablet with the latest specifications, which saves a lot of time and expense in their daily work. For photo and video recording, the device is equipped with a 13 megapixels camera with autofocus and LED flash on the back and a 5 megapixels camera on the front. The tablet is also optionally available without a camera.

Thanks to the integrated Google ARCore, the tablet is designed for comprehensive augmented reality applications, e. g. scanning of the environment or the identification of objects – for digital plant management or predictive maintenance of components. Digital workflows ensure high process and product quality and minimize risks in the production.

For power supply and data transfer, the Tab-Ex® is equipped with a USB-C port. The battery with a capacity of 5,050 mAh ensures flawless operation and a long operating time with a runtime of up to 11 hours. The Tab-Ex® 03 DZ1 is also equipped with an individually programmable button, for example for an alarm, emergency calls or push-to-talk (PTT).

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Enerpac pumps up cordless XC-Series with more tool options

The Enerpac XC-Series cordless pumps, now with single and double-acting valves, provide the power of an electric powered pump with the portability of a hand pump. It gives operators access to a wider range of single and double-acting tools for tackling such jobs as servicing machinery and nut splitting and cutting in remote locations or hard-to-access areas.

Enerpac XC-Series cordless pumps will actuate a hydraulic tool as fast as a basic electric powered pump and create up to 700 bar pressure. This means the XC-Series cordless pumps up to five times faster than manual hydraulic pumps and up to two times faster than popular pneumatic powered pumps.

Featuring a lightweight design with integrated handle and shoulder carrying strap, the XC-Series cordless pumps is one of the safest, most ergonomic hydraulic pumps available, and easily transported from job to job. The pump includes a bladder reservoir that eliminates venting, prevents contamination and provides leak-free operation in any position. The XC-Series pumps are also equipped with an efficient electric motor powered by an industrial grade 28-volt, Lithium-Ion battery, delivering exceptional speed and run time.

Designed to provide optimal safety to operators, the XC-Series offers several safety features, including zero trip hazards through cordless design, overload protection circuitry from excessive amp draw or temperatures and a trigger lock-off mechanism to protect against unintended operation during transport.

Enerpac XC-Series cordless pumps are ideal for a wide range of industries such as mining, construction, industrial and power generation, solving diverse and demanding applications, including: lifting rail carriages and rail alignment, mobilising heavy equipment, servicing machinery and nut splitting and cutting.

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MSA Safety continues innovations in fall protection with time-saving temporary horizontal lifeline   


 New Cable Temporary Horizontal Lifeline makes installation 75 percent faster

New Cable Temporary Horizontal Lifeline makes installation 75 percent fasterFalls continue to be a leading cause of preventable injury and death in the workplace, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). To help keep workers safe, MSA Safety, Inc. (NYSE: MSA), the global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of sophisticated safety solutions that help to protect people and facility infrastructures, is now offering a first-of-its-kind temporary horizontal lifeline that can help save time on the jobsite through its intuitive and toolless installation features.

MSA’s new Temporary Horizontal Lifeline allows for a 75 percent faster installation compared to traditional cable systems. The system’s integrated locking and tensioning mechanism eliminates the need for nuts, bolts and wrenches, a key feature that makes the system significantly easier and faster to install because there is no need for tools.

“Our new Temporary Horizontal Lifeline was designed to address how long it took workers to install a traditional lifeline system by making this easier to use, but without sacrificing the level of safety for workers at height,” said Gustavo Lopez, MSA Safety’s General Manager of Industrial Products & Vice President of Connected Services. “This new system is lighter and easier to maneuver, and can be easily set up by one person, allowing the worker to spend more time on the job rather than setting up their systems.”

With locking and tensioning mechanisms on the same side, workers no longer need to travel back and forth during set up. The new device also incorporates clear visual indicators to show when the system is properly installed. Designed to be adaptable to an ever-changing jobsite, the flexible, lightweight cable makes installation easier, plus MSA’s patented bypass shuttles allow two users to maintain 100 percent tie-off while passing one another on the same line.

“Most horizontal lifelines on the market today are heavy, time consuming to install, and require several tools,” Lopez said. “MSA’s new Temporary Horizontal Lifeline, however, is designed to be simple, intuitive, and faster to save companies time and money while helping to keep their workers safe.”

It is available in 60- and 100-foot lengths. To learn more about the new Temporary Horizontal Lifeline click here.

Hygienic FDA material compliant IP66 cable entry plates for up to 32 conductors

CONTA-CLIP expands its range of KES cable entry plates, adding eight new versions made of certified food-grade material for different cable diameters and numbers of entry points. Like the existing KES solutions, the hygienic variants from the new KES-GB-FDA series enable fast and particularly space-saving routing of up to 32 non-assembled cables into control cabinets or machine housings. The plates, manufactured from a robust polyamide frame injected with elastomer, include snap-in latches for easy mounting. They are first inserted into a 36 mm x 112 mm opening from the outside of the housing and then fixed from the inside with screws. After piercing the outer membrane at marked insertion points, the cables can be easily pushed through. Conically shaped and TPE-molded sleeves on the back of the plate ensure reliable IP66 sealing and strain relief. The FDA-compliant elastomer used for the new KES-GB-FDA series meets the hygienic requirements for food approval according to 1935/2004/EC and (EU) 10/2011. The cable entry plates furthermore feature smooth surfaces, rounded corners and ECOLAB-certified material resistance to industrial cleaning agents to meet all hygiene requirements for use in the food or pharmaceutical industries.

KDSI-SR modular cable entry installed from the outside👍

Conta-Clip introduces the new, inverse and modular KDSI-SR cable entry system for reliable sealing, maximum flexibility and time savings feed-through for cables with and without plugs. The system is designed for installation from the outside of a control cabinet, enclosure or machine. Part of the popular KDS Click cable management range, the KDSI-SR system, too, allows for comfortable, flexible reconfiguration of existing installations at any point in time. The components can be easily removed, exchanged and reassembled. The clever system concept for the separable insertion of individual sealing elements facilitates customized cable management – since cables with plugs do not have to be disassembled and reconnected for retrofits or servicing, the manufacturer's warranty is retained. The KDSI-SR system is based on the proven modular design and simple assembly concept of the KDS program. It merely features an inverse tapered design of the screw-on frame’s opening and includes an additional two-part cover with TPE seals in three levels. This ensures an absolutely tight fit of the sealing elements, which are available for one, two or four cables or as blanking plugs. The sealing elements with serrated edges and a tapered design provide IP66 ingress protection and reliable static strain relief in compliance to DIN EN 62444. They also allow for high packing density in comparison to cable glands. The halogen- and silicone-free KDSI-SR cable entry system is suitable for a wide range of requirements and ambient temperatures from -40 °C to 120 °C. KDSI-SR frames are available for 4, 6, 8 or 10 sealing elements in various configurations to match the number and diameters of cables.

IECEx-approved SZAb evaluation devices for flow monitors

SZAb evaluation devices from EGE for ATEX-certified ST and STS flow monitors are now available with an IECEx approval. These devices feed sensors installed in hazardous environments. They have an intrinsically safe circuit, galvanically isolated from the signal output and mains supply and are mounted in a control cabinet outside areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. For application-specific signaling, the evaluation devices are available with relay or analog 4...20 mA outputs. The relay output versions allow users to set switch-off delays of up to 25 seconds. Limit values for all models are simply set via a potentiometer on the front of the device. A multi-color LED line indicates the flow tendency. A red LED light indicates that the default limit value is not reached and the switching output is not active. A yellow LED indicates that the limit value has been reached and the output is switched. In addition, four green LEDs show by how much, relatively, the limit value is being exceeded. To avoid unnoticed defects, the evaluation devices feature cable breakage and short-circuit monitoring functions. The analog output version requires a 24 V DC power supply. Models with a relay output are also available for 230 V AC or 115 V AC operation.

Eaton adds new battery-powered emergency light option to its ExLin LED lighting range for hazardous areas

Power management company Eaton has today announced an important addition to its CEAG ExLin linear LED lighting fixtures for hazardous area applications. The new, battery-powered ExLin NE+ provides a decentralized LED solution for mandatory emergency lighting in case of power failure, in compliance with EN 60598-2-22.

Offering a safe, reliable and cost-efficient LED lighting solution for hazardous areas, the ExLin range is certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21. Typical applications include oil & gas and petrochemical processing facilities, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The ExLin NE+ combines lithium batteries (which are more environmentally friendly than nickel cadmium types), state-of-the-art LED technology with optimized thermal management, and a time-tested enclosure to deliver reliable performance for longer in harsh and hazardous environments.

Offering standard, narrow and wide beam illumination options, ExLin NE+ luminaires enable illumination to be tailored to the needs of the application. They are available in 3L or 5L versions, delivering approximately 1000 lm / 2000 lm for up to three hours in emergency mode. The emergency lighting cycle can be set locally for 1.5 or 3 hours. Robust and versatile, these LED lighting fixtures will work effectively in ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to +45°C.

ExLin NE+ lighting fixtures can vary the power consumption of the entire LED module via their electronics. This enables homogeneous illumination of escape routes in accordance with the local conditions, even in the emergency lighting mode.

Installation and maintenance are significantly reduced thanks to the innovative battery design. The ExLin NE+ lithium battery has no memory effect and a more stable capacity for emergency lighting compared to standard NiCd batteries. In addition, these innovative batteries have faster charging, which means emergency lighting is fully available more quickly. Improved charging capabilities ensure a more stable and robust charging cycle, thus resulting in longer lifetime. ExLin NE+ LED lighting fixtures also incorporate Hot Swap technology, which allows an easy exchange of the battery in Ex areas without disconnecting the power.

ExLin NE+ LED lighting fixtures are equipped with integrated software that monitors the functions of the luminaire and automatically performs the prescribed function tests and quarterly, partial duty-cycle test in accordance with DIN EN 50172. A two-diode LED display shows charge and battery status for at-a-glance confirmation of operational integrity.

Ruggedized explosion-protected proximity switches with CSA approval for North America

EGE now also supplies the intrinsically safe inductive sensors IGEXa, IGEXHa, IGEXPa and IGEXUa as well as the evaluation device IKMb 122 Ex as versions certified according to CSA. The ruggedized proximity switches for metal detection are approved for use in zones 0 and 20 areas with potentially explosive atmospheres (HazLoc). They are available in M12, M18 and M30 standard designs. IGEXHa and IGEXPa are two sensors that withstand high-pressure cleaning and ambient temperatures up to 140 °C and down to -60 °C respectively. The corresponding IKMb 122 Ex evaluation device with a compact 22 mm wide DIN-rail housing for galvanic isolation and evaluation is installed in a control cabinet outside hazardous zones. Green, yellow and red LEDs on the housing front indicate the operating states of the connected proximity switch.