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EGV HYP – EHEDG certified vent panel for production facilities with highly elevated hygienic requirements

Meeting safety and process requirements at the same time is sometimes a challenge, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Dust-handling equipment has to be equipped with explosion protective systems, which must also comply with all hygiene and sanitary requirements in production. The solution: Vent panels that can be used to produce hygienically sensitive powders.

The EGV HYP vent panel is an economical solution to the problem described, according to the strict criteria of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group). Specially designed for hygienically demanding processes, it protects the vessel in the event of an explosion by releasing flame and pressure. The smooth surface with the patented, full-flat, chamfered gasket system prevents deposits during the production process and during the cleaning of the system and thereby cross-contamination between batch processes. With the new, contrasting blue color of the seal, it is also easy to see if the seal is damaged and/or a mounting failure has happened.

The EGV HYP can be used without hesitation in critical systems such as spray dryers with / without CIP cleaning, fluid bed dryers and mixers and therefore offers a cost-effective safety solution according to the requirements of hygienic design.


Introducing your 5-Point Maintenance Program for On-Site Safety Showers!

At Aqua, we understand the importance of keeping your on-site safety product in optimal condition to ensure the well-being of your workforce. That's why we're excited to offer our comprehensive 5-Point Maintenance Program. Let's take a closer look at the five key points of our maintenance program:

    Regular Inspections: Our team of trained engineers will conduct regular inspections of your on-site safety product, carefully examining each component for signs of wear, damage, or malfunction. By catching potential issues early on, we can address them protectively and prevent any major breakdowns or accidents.

    Cleaning and Lubrication: Proper cleaning and lubrication are essential for the smooth functioning of your safety equipment. We will thoroughly clean all parts, removing dirt, debris, and other contaminants that could compromise performance.

   Maintenance and inspection: Failsafe maintenance and inspection are crucial to guarantee safe and reliable operation. Our experts will calibrate your safety product according to industry standards, making necessary adjustments to maintain availability in times of need.

    Component Replacement: Over time, certain safety product components may wear out or become obsolete. As part of our maintenance program, we will identify any worn-out parts and promptly replace them with high-quality, manufacturer-approved replacements where possible.

    Documentation and Reporting: Our maintenance program includes comprehensive documentation and reporting. We will keep detailed records of all inspections, repairs, and replacements performed on your safety product.

Invest in the longevity and reliability of your on-site safety product with our 5-Point Maintenance Program.

Your workforce's safety is our top priority at Aqua!

Emergency Showers & Eye Wash Stations | Aqua Safety Showers ( MOBILE and RealWear present RealWear Navigator® Z1


The world’s most advanced intrinsically safe head-mounted wearable is redefining smart glasses for ATEX/IECEx industry use


Lauda-Koenigshofen, 10 January 2024. MOBILE, innovation and world market leader for explosion-proof mobile devices and solutions and RealWear, Inc., the pioneer of smart glasses for frontline workers, have launched with the RealWear Navigator Z1 the world’s most advanced intrinsically safe and ATEX/IECEx certificated head-mounted wearable. The Navigator Z1 is particularly designed for use in hazardous areas for troubleshooting equipment via remote expert guidance, virtual training and for eworkers using Field Services Management (FSM) or streamlined inspection data management systems (IDMS). The Navigator Z1 delivers unparalleled performance with exceptional energy efficiency and is powered by an advanced chipset with a built-in advanced AI engine.  The platform lays the foundation for RealWear’s broader AI Core vision for frontline workers. Navigator Z1 ensures voice recognition for fully hands-free use up to 100dBA, an essential feature for noisy oil and gas work environments. The Navigator Z1's unique modular design enables unprecedented customization for various add-ons like an IS-certified thermal camera and a swappable battery.

The main operational areas of the Navigator Z1 include the following:

  • Remote expert guidance and training
    Remote experts can conduct in-the-moment maintenance and repair, potentially reducing costly travel and downtime using popular apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
  • Field Services Management (FSM)
    Using simple voice commands, workers can connect to FSM enterprise AI systems such as hands-free solutions from RealWear and OverIT to handle work orders safely and quickly, and conduct asset maintenance at reduced operational costs.
  • Equipment and Site Inspection Rounds
    Inspectors can traverse safely around a job site, take high quality photos and dictate notes using the field data collection component of an Inspection Data Management System (IDMS) such as hands-free solutions from RealWear and HUVR. From there, the captured data is instantly uploaded and geocoded for integrity verification, auditing and compliance purposes.  The solution saves time and money, while enhancing safety and enabling further automation,3D digital twins and AI.

“The design of the most powerful smart glasses for frontline professionals took incredible collaboration between RealWear and MOBILE,” said Dirk Amann, CTO of MOBILE. “We are pleased that we have been able to make a device that has met the requirements to achieve ATEX and IECEx for use in explosive atmospheres.”

 “Worker safety and productivity must not be mutually exclusive,” said Dr. Chris Parkinson, RealWear’s cofounder and CEO.  “With so many consumer-grade gadgets being hyped to industry, we have delivered something truly modern and in high demand for critical work procedures.  With certification, we’re able to fulfill our strong pre-order backlog.  Navigator Z1 is laying the groundwork for an AI-enabled workforce in hazardous industries.”

The RealWear Navigator Z1 has a series of major technical improvements:
• The introduction of RealWear’s new AI Core, the most powerful processor ever in a RealWear device, especially designed for on-device enhanced AI experiences

  • Significantly lighter for added comfort, while maintaining its ruggedness and durability
  • Improved screen visibility with HD 720p display
  • High resolution front-facing camera (48 MP) for better remote collaboration and low-light image capture for inspections and auditing
  • Enhanced noise cancellation for improved voice-responsiveness and accuracy
  • Improved connectivity with faster Wi-Fi® 6 and an optional 5G intrinsically safe solution for private and secure enterprise connectivity
  • A thermal camera module to spot invisible issues before they become critical
  • A removable integrated snag-free battery for enhanced safety and for extended use
  • Enterprise Secure Android™ 12

The RealWear Navigator Z1 will be available from the end of Q1/2024 via MOBILE.

REMBE rupture discs in hygienic design Sterility, leak-tightness and easy installation

In processing plants that require the highest levels of hygiene, sterility and leak-tightness, excessive overpressure or vacuum can occur due to a wide variety of causes. In such cases, rupture discs protect both vessels and pipelines from deformation and further damage. Above all, they protect the lives of the employees who work in these plants. The primary goal here is to provide optimum protection for these systems, taking into account technical and economic aspects, while at the same time minimising system downtime.

Excessive overpressure can occur in almost all production areas and processes in the pharmaceutical industry. If the pressure exceeds or falls below the limits defined for the process, serious damage can occur to the respective plant components. Possible consequences include production stoppages and significant economic damage. Therefore, in situations where the pressure exceeds or undershoots the permissible operating range, a reliable and fast-acting pressure-relief device is essential.

Many operators in the pharmaceutical industry already use REMBE high-performance rupture discs in their processing plants – because the advantages of these pressure-relief devices ensure permanently safe operation:

  • Thanks to their leak-tightness, our rupture discs prevent the escape of process media
  • The complete cross-sectional release of the burst element provides immediate pressure relief for the system
  • REMBE rupture discs have a response time of mere milliseconds

In order to customise the design of our rupture discs for each customer, numerous factors must be considered ahead of time. Reliable and economical rupture discs are not standardised products. Instead, they are individually adapted to the respective process conditions, designed accordingly and then manufactured specifically for the customer's applications. Numerous parameters are taken into account to ensure optimal performance.


Fig. 1: The KUB clean can be installed inside the existing tri-clamp pipe connections instead of the existing seals.


Fig. 2: KUB clean rupture disc with integrated signalling.


Enerpac SafeT Torque Lock for Safer Hands-Free Bolting


Enerpac has introduced the SafeT Torque Lock, an innovative and user-friendly safety tool that transforms Enerpac square drive torque wrenches allowing hands-free bolting operation. The SafeT Torque Lock improves worker safety by minimising exposure to pinch points and high-pressure hydraulic connections. It can also be used in any orientation including inverted positions, thus reducing the possibility of tool slippage and operator fatigue.

The SafeT Torque Lock converts Enerpac S-Series & RSQ-Series wrenches into a hands-free operation which grips securely to any hexagon nut in any orientation, including inverted. No additional tooling is required or loose components such as reaction washers needed. The SafeT assembles onto the torque wrench with one push of the square drive quick-release button for tightening or loosening. It works with heavy hex nuts that conform to ANSI B18.2.4 and has a max torque value of 5,000 N/m.
To find out more about Enerpac SafeT Torque Lock visit


Fluidwell introduces the E490 Ex d Multi-Purpose Indicator For universal purposes

The E490 is a versatile, loop powered multi-purpose indicator to display the actual process value, range and loop current. Besides the focus on level, temperature and pressure applications, the E490 can also work with other measuring units, like %, mA, RPM and more.

The input circuit is separated from the backlight circuit and has an ultra low voltage drop < 1.5V DC. The measuring unit to be displayed is simply selected through an alfa-numerical configuration menu. The E490 accepts 4 - 20mA input signals from a wide range of process instruments, including flow (linear or square root), level, pressure and temperature transmitters. Making it the perfect fit for almost any explosion proof application where you want to display an analog process value.

Robust and weatherproof

The robust solid die cast aluminum and the stainless steel 316L E-Series housings are designed to guarantee safety. It takes the E490 Explosion Proof Multi-Purpose Indicator beyond the legal requirements for hazardous areas. In the harshest environmental conditions, as found in deserts and maritime climates with extreme temperature fluctuations, the durable E-Series consistently delivers accurate measurements.

The E490 is extremely practical in use. The touch-through-glass keypad allows for a safe and effortless operation of all functionalities without having to remove the glass cover. The menu, display and navigation structure are designed according to the Fluidwell “know one, know them all” principle, which enhances easy and intuitive control of various Fluidwell totalizers, flow computers and other displays.

More information

Are you interested in learning more about the application possibilities of this robust
Ex d Multi-Purpose Indicator? Feel free to contact a Fluidwell expert: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
More information:

Safer Bolting at Height: Enerpac Introduces DSX-Series Torque Wrenches

Carrying out bolting operations at height runs the risk of danger to those working beneath dropped objects. Enerpac introduces a lightweight solution. The Enerpac DSX-Series Aluminium Square Drive Torque Wrenches are safe, easy to use, tools designed for medium duty use when working at height.

To help to reduce dropped-object incidents when working at height, the five models in the series feature a built-in connection point to safely tether the tool to a work belt or bag. A standard ergonomic safety handle also helps to prevent injuries or near misses from loss of tool. When it comes to operator protection, a fully enclosed drive prevents operator contact with moving parts inside the tool.

Made with a high-strength aluminium body, the CE Approved Enerpac DSX-Series Aluminium Torque Wrenches are lightweight and easy to use—important factors when working at height. Another feature that makes the tool simple to use is a multi-direction 360 x 180° high flow aluminium swivel that helps prevent twisted and tangled hydraulic hoses. To help make operators more efficient on-site, the wrenches feature a fine-tooth ratchet that prevents the tool from locking on, a 35-degree rotation angle that assists with repetitive bolt tightening tasks, and a retained push-button quick release.

Additional key features include torque output ranging from 191 to 32.617 Nm, compact nose radius for tight locations, tool accuracy +/- 3% and ATEX approval for bolting projects in in explosive atmospheres.

The Enerpac DSX-Series Aluminium Square Drive Torque Wrenches are now available through Enerpac distributors. For more information visit

More Pulling Power with Lightweight Enerpac Cylinders

With increasing demand for lightweight, more portable tools, Enerpac has developed the RACH and RARH - Series aluminium hollow plunger cylinders. Up to 150-ton capacity cylinders provide engineers with a lighter, more portable tool for applications such as tensioning, pulling and pull testing.

Enerpac RACH-Series Single Acting Aluminium Hollow Plunger Cylinders (sometimes called centre-hole cylinders) have a threaded collar inside the plunger, allowing attachments or threaded rods to be connected to the hydraulic cylinder. They provide a lighter alternative to other tensioning and pulling systems. The RACH-Series includes cylinder capacities ranging from 20 to 150 T, and 50 to 250mm stroke. All RACH-Series cylinders are rated for up to 10,000 psi (700 bar).

RACH-Series cylinders are single-acting and use a high-strength return spring for rapid retraction. All are equipped with bolt-on hardened steel saddles and a steel base plate for increased durability. Combined with a lightweight Enerpac hand pump, engineers now have a highly portable tension and pulling tool set for remote working.

For an even quicker and more controlled retraction, the RARH double acting models are available. Featuring the same advantages of the RACH, they are more lightweight due to their lower collapsed height.

“The Enerpac RACH-Series offers outstanding durability; their design enables longer service life and increased push/pull capability,” says Senthil Vijayakumar, Cylinder Product Manager at Enerpac. “Hollow shafts offer great versatility in pulling and tensioning applications, which combined with the lighter weight of aluminium provides the perfect tool with a longer service life and reduced maintenance. All of which means that users can confidently take on the most demanding tensioning and pulling applications with the RACH and RARH – Series cylinders.”

Typical applications for the RACH and RARH - Series include rod and cable pulling and tensioning, rock-bolt testing, as well as shaft removal. All the cylinders are compatible with a broad range of pumps, from the economic hand pumps to the most sophisticated, split flow pumps and the Enerpac EVO-Series synchronised lifting systems.

For more information on Enerpac RACH and RARH - Series, visit


Photo 1: Enerpac RACH-Series cylinder - ideal for shaft removal.


Photo 2: Enerpac RACH-Series, single acting, aluminium hollow plunger cylinders.

Enerpac Ultra-Flat Cylinders for Big Lifts in Small Spaces

Enerpac announces a new Ultra-Flat hydraulic cylinder series for those projects with small working space, starting at just 2,8 cm, but large lifting requirements up to 1000 ton. The CULP-Series with lifting capacity 10 – 50 ton, and CUSP-Series 10 – 1000 ton, are designed for applications where high lifting forces are needed in confined spaces.

With a 700 bar max operating pressure, the Ultra-Flat cylinders provide a 7 – 17 mm stroke, and are designed to withstand up to 4% side load at full lifting capacity. The CUSP-Series has an integrated tilting function up to 4 degrees, and a 6 – 10mm tilted stroke.

Safety is critical to all Enerpac products. CULP Ultra-Flat hydraulic cylinders are equipped with an internal stop ring that prevents the plunger from accidentally dropping at the end of its stroke. CUSP Cylinders have a “Red Line” as visual indicator to the operator when the maximum stroke has been reached. The CUSP-Series’ tilting plunger can be adjusted enabling equal distribution of load over its full surface. Even at maximum tilted position, most models will have a straight lifting stroke of 10 mm.

All Enerpac cylinders are built to last. In addition to low maintenance requirements, the Ultra-Flat hydraulic cylinders feature a nitro carburizing surface treatment providing greater load and wear resistance, as well as, corrosion protection in the harshest working conditions.

The CULP-Series and CUSP-Series Ultra-Flat hydraulic cylinders can be used with Enerpac hydraulic pumps - available in over 1000 different configurations – whatever the application’s requirements for speed, control, intermittent or heavy duty.

For more information on Enerpac Ultra-Flat hydraulic cylinders, visit:

Enerpac Ultra Flat Cylinders group hi resPhoto caption 1: Enerpac Ultra-Flat Cylinders for Big Lifts in Small Spaces.

Photo caption 2: The Enerpac CUSP-Series Ultra-Flat hydraulic cylinders.

Enerpac CUSP Series app 5124 4

Squaring the circle Custom-specific solutions for every application

"This speed sensor largely meets our expectations. Only the connection interface deviates from our company standard. Surely you can make an adjustment for us?" Discussions between Thomas Distel, senior industry manager at RHEINTACHO, and (potential) customers proceed like this or similarly with some regularity. What is the solution?  Simple question, simple answer: A customer-specific solution is needed! Unfortunately, however, it is also the case in everyday project work that the simple answers are rarely the best answers in the long term, taking all aspects into account.

Depending on the scope and type of customisation deemed necessary, minimum economic quantities can easily exceed the quantities required by the typical industrial RHEINTACHO clientele. Wolfgang Sexauer, Head of Sales & Marketing: "We operate in a very demanding industrial environment. Our customers mostly not need automotive or B2C-like quantities. They value the perfect balance of high quality, cost efficiency and ensuring a long product life cycle." 

What is the solution? Already in the analysis phase of a project, RHEINTACHO differentiates between application-specific requirements that are assessed as reasonable across various customers and whose individual modification would also be costly. Complex in terms of changes, geometry, electronic layout, etc. But also, with regard to qualification and validation measures. And even customer-specific characteristics. An example of this is certainly the connection interface. An intelligent design is also characterised by the fact that customised individualisations can be implemented with the least possible effort and, in the best case, remain commercially attractive even with smaller batch sizes. Solutions can only be optimal if they meet the requirements exactly. This requires good market and application knowledge, combined with the ability to listen, and engage in dialogue.

Jörn Strasser, senior industry manager, is responsible for some important partners in the measurement technology sector: "In digital hand tachometers and stroboscopes, RHEINTACHO is a real hidden champion and Europe's largest manufacturer - and we also feel very comfortable in this position."  

In contrast to sensor technology, the differentiations in the field of measurement technology are mostly marketing-driven implementations of corporate design languages and rarely functional differences.  In terms of effort, this makes no difference - quite the opposite. In the case of speed sensors, the decision for or against a customised solution is an emotionless, cost-motivated matter: customisation usually simply offers advantages that can also be evaluated. Be it through a company-wide standardisation of connectors. Or a uniform signal interface and the associated uniform controls across all products. If customisation is too costly, a compromise becomes more attractive. However, this solution is then precisely a compromise. In the case of service, this can be exactly the situation in which the service employee in the field is "surprised" by a plug. Surprised because a component that has already been installed many times does not communicate correctly with the control system as expected but must first be specially configured. Of course, these cases can be handled with good and clear documentation. Theoretically, in any case.

With this strategy, which has been pursued for decades, RHEINTACHO has earned a good name for itself. The Freiburg-based measurement technology specialist is successful on the markets with customised products in both the measurement technology and sensor technology market segments.  Wolfgang Sexauer: "We serve this demanding market niche with enthusiasm and success. And also, with the ambition to simply provide our project partners with the perfect products. It is very important for us to be technically up to date with our own products sold under the RHEINTACHO brand. We must credibly and authentically demonstrate our know-how on a daily basis. Without this solid basis, successful OEM products simply could not be marketed successfully. "