Free facility signs to help stop COVID-19

Safety and identification specialist Brady Corporation offers signs for download to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Anyone can freely download the print-ready files from Brady websites.

Clear countermeasure communication

All signs offered are compliant or in line with the ISO 7010 international standard to maximise recognition anywhere in the world. Each sign includes a quickly recognisable icon for almost any COVID-19 safety measure, ranging from wash hands and keep distance to wearing the appropriate personal protection equipment.

TLT-Turbo GmbH Response to the Coronavirus

Global ventilation fans and systems manufacturer, TLT-Turbo GmbH, today stated their formal response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The company has highlighted its operational resilience, reassuring clients that TLT-Turbo remains operational while prioritizing the health and safety of its employees and complying to regional legislature where required.

Ion Science TIGERLT Monitors VOC Levels From Guernsey’s Waste Transfer Station  Handheld PID instrument used on outlets of odour control system to assess utilisation of carbon media filter

Guernsey’s States Works is using an Ion Science ( TigerLT handheld photoionisation detector (PID) to measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being emitted from an odour control system installed at Guernsey’s waste transfer station. Supplied by distributor Shawcity and chosen for its portability, high detection rates and range of response factors, the instrument is helping to prevent the escape of malodours into the surrounding environment.

The New Intrinsically Safe Getac UX10-EX Tablet Delivers Powerful, Performance in Hazardous Environments

Fully rugged tablet meets stringent ATEX/IECEx standards for use in Zone 2/22 hazardous locations, improving worker safety and productivity in potentially explosive atmospheres

Getac has announced the launch of the new UX10-EX intrinsically safe fully rugged tablet, delivering powerful, reliable computing performance to professionals operating in hazardous environments.

All new from Atexxo Manufacturing, the Netherlands.

The Apple iPad 10.2 now suitable for use in hazardous locations. The explosion proof iPads are originally manufactured by Apple than converted and certified according to the ATEX directives by Atexxo Manufacturing.

Basics of explosion safety and the available protection systems

Depending on the results of the hazard and risk analysis, a number of proven precautions need to be taken. They are divided into explosion prevention and explosion protection. Preventive precautions are designed to prevent an explosive atmosphere and therefore to reduce the probability of an explosion.

Camfil provides high efficiency air filtration solution for EPR nuclear power station with an aim to reduce carbon emissions

Hinkley Point C in Somerset, United Kingdom is amongst the safest and most efficient nuclear power generator that is type of a Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR).

VOCs in the PCB Manufacturing Process

Conformal coating is part of the process involved in the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCBs). This process protects the PCB from dirt, moisture, chemicals, gas and temperature variations to ensure the PCB components do not corrode or fail due to external factors or conditions.

Extra Value and a Special Price Promotion on 2 of Testo’s Most Popular Thermal Imaging Cameras

Whether you work in heating or building inspection, the use of a thermal imaging camera can enable you to work faster and more efficiently, whilst providing a high-quality service to your customers.

Protect LED luminaire systems from transient surge events with the MTL LS05K SPD from Eaton

Power management company Eaton has reached a landmark in LED luminaire surge protection. More than two million of its MTL LS range surge protection devices (SPD) are now installed worldwide, helping to ensure that critical LED lighting circuits continue to function uninterrupted by transient power fluctuations.