Musculoskeletal Disorders Continue to Burden Worker Health, Latest Health & Safety Executive Reveal



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Musculoskeletal Disorders Continue to Burden Worker Health, Latest Health & Safety Executive Reveal

The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) latest statistics show that 7.3 million working days were lost last year to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) with 477,000 cases being reported in 2022, 139,000 of which were new cases. Employers should take a proactive approach to prevent this kind of injury, reducing the risk to employees and the burden on businesses from working days lost and costly fines or legal action.

MSDs are common in most industries, but the agriculture, forestry & fishing, construction and human health/ social work sectors have significantly higher than average rates. Footwear manufacturer, HAIX, has a wealth of experience in advising businesses across all sectors on how the correct use of personal protective equipment, particularly safety footwear, can contribute to healthier and more productive employees.

Industry expert Simon Ash at HAIX, comments, “MSD injuries are most often associated with pain in the joints and muscles with aching or stiffness in the back and upper limbs most common. Back pain is often linked to tasks that involve lifting and carrying, bending and crouching as well as with spending long periods in one position. With many of today’s workers required to spend a good deal of their working day on their feet, good foot care and wearing supportive, high quality, comfortable footwear can contribute to reducing the risk of these types of MSDs.”

“The correct footwear supports the entire body and helps to reduce the risk of injury, particularly when working in slippery, wet environments. If footwear is comfortable, people are more likely to be concentrating on their task as opposed to worrying about their feet; meaning productivity also significantly improves. A key feature to look for when buying work boots is that they actively work to correct foot posture, which can help reduce lower body and back pain by aligning the spine properly. Doing so will reduce MSDs and provide superior long-term comfort.”

“To support the foot, ankle and lower limbs, it is best to choose boots that have superior cushioning technology, construction materials and design, which will help to decrease the harmful effects of impact-related stresses when the foot strikes the ground. Modern materials used in the interior lining of boots will help prevent blisters and soft-tissue injury by reducing friction and pressure. It is valuable to invest in boots that have a climatic control system that regulates temperatures within the boot.”

“Ultimately, the latest HSE statistics demonstrate that musculoskeletal injuries are still a major problem in the workplace. When selecting safety footwear take it seriously and consider both the long-term benefits and potential impacts incorrect choices can have so that more workers can stay safe on their feet.” MOBILE receives " Global Market Leader " award






Lauda-Koenigshofen, 29 November 2022. MOBILE GmbH has been awarded the title of " Global Market Leader" in the category of "Explosion-proof mobile communication devices (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets)" by the information network DDW/Die Deutsche Wirtschaft as a newcomer in 639th place with a scoring index of 98.4 points. At a festive ceremony in Lauda-Königshofen, the award was presented to political representatives in the presence of MOBILE's management and executive team. In December, MOBILE will also be included in the ranking of medium-sized companies 10,000 at position 1200.

The German company MOBILE thus joins the ranks of 1,486 global market leaders from Germany. In total, they represent an annual turnover of 2.51 trillion euros and stand for 8.9 million jobs worldwide. 

"For us as a relatively young company (founded in 2011), it is a special honor to have already been selected as one of the global market leaders. Here at the company and development headquarters in Lauda-Koenigshofen, we will continue to focus on innovation and global expansion in the future. By presenting the world's first 5G smartphone for potentially explosive industrial areas, we have just brought another groundbreaking innovation to the market. Our global customers and partners consider us a visionary and reliable partner for future technology trends in the ex-area," said Martin Haaf, CEO of MOBILE at the event. 

In recent years, the company has placed a strong emphasis on global activities with the establishment of subsidiaries (Singapore) and the acquisition of important worldwide sales and service partners. MOBILE is represented worldwide in all regions. Another important pillar is worldwide trade fair appearances and a strong sales and communication structure.

DDW/Die Deutsche Wirtschaft has set itself up as an information network in the specific field of owners, managing directors, board members and executives of the 100,000 largest companies in Germany, thus connecting the decisive market players in the German economy.

The DDW company rankings use 31 criteria to determine the importance and thus the ranking position of a company based on a scoring index. In addition to turnover and number of employees, these include key figures such as R&D share, certifications, training opportunities or university cooperations.


Further information on MOBILE can be found here:



Enerpac Reaction Arms Kit for Safer Torque Control

Enerpac announces the ERAK-Series Reaction Arm Kits for Enerpac S and RSL (RSQ)-Series Square Drive torque wrenches. In addition to improving torque tool fit, the kits enhance worker safety by providing a safety tested and full torque rated reaction arm.

The ERAK-Series Reaction Arm reduces the twisting reaction force produced during torque wrench bolting and, consequently, prevents operator fatigue. Significantly the ERAK-Series also eliminates the need for extended reaction arm and reaction tubes, enabling a more compact torque tool arrangement. Simplicity and ease of use are the trademark of Enerpac torque tools. The ERAK-Series replaces the need for multiple custom reaction arms. It can be configured in unique standard setups which are suitable to repetitive work. Moreover, the reaction arm can be used with the hexagon Allen-Key drives on the torque wrench. 

The ERAK-Series Reaction Arm is designed for the most common Enerpac S and RSL (RSQ)-Series Square Drive torque wrenches. Since their introduction, the S-Series and RSL-Series have set the benchmark for ease of use and productivity, providing a simple and robust solution for a wide range of bolting applications.

For more information on the ERAK-Series Reaction Arm Kits, visit


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Suit Up for Work with Snickers Workwear Mid-layer Clothing.

Outdoor clothing for Autumn and Winter to make you feel warm on the inside.

Snickers Workwear’s innovative and sustainable Mid-layer clothing has excellent breathability for efficient body-temperature management when you’re working hard.

The body-mapping designs and sustainable fabrics keep you ventilated as the heat from your body is regulated to give you winter warmth and cooling comfort when you need it.

The new autumn-winter styles include the FlexiWorkHigh-Vis Hoodie which is stretchy, versatile and made from a 2-layer mesh fabric and recycled polyester fibres. This Class 1 Hoodie comes with glow-in-the-dark and flashes and plenty of features to deliver comfort and functionality.

Use FlexiWork Jacket underneath an outer layer on cold days or on its own in milder conditions. It’s made from a functional fabric with a high content of recycled polyester fibres and an ergonomic design for plenty of freedom of movement. 

For comfort freedom of movement on chilly workdays, the FlexiWork Fleece Hoodie is ideal. The recycled polyester fleece fabric offers great insulation while long cuffs with thumb grip provide extra protection against cold air.

All Snickers Workwear Mid-layer Jackets, Fleeces, Sweatshirts and Knitwear come in a range of styles and High-visibility options for different working environments and weather conditions.

So, to make sure you get the right protection, visibility, flexibility, durability and ventilation, you should check out all the layered Climate Control garments from Snickers Workwear that work together to suit your workday.  

A brand-new Ex instrument you cannot afford to miss!

The Cygnus 1 Ex ultrasonic thickness gauge is the only one of its kind in the world certified toATEX, IECEx, UKEX for Zone 0 and NRTL for Class 1, Division 1 - offering aninvaluable leap forward for safety in: Oil and Gas , Mines , Chemical plants , Fuel Depots , road Tankers , Chemical Oil and Gas Tankers , Explosion Atmospheres and Hazardous storage Tanks.

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This intrinsically-safe gauge provides a first-class experiencein user control and flexibility - unmatched within UT measurement in hazardous and explosive environments.Equipped with 3 measuring modes and a wide choice of probes, the gauge is capable of measuring a range of materials and metals with coatings or severe corrosion.

The great news for advanced users is the Manual Measuring Mode allows manual adjustment of gain and gates. Like a flaw detector, its two gates can be positioned anywhere on the A-scan. You can alter the gate height, start-point and width. It also allows you to choose to measure from the first gate orbetween gates. Further still, if the 2nd or 3rd echo is weak, the Time-Controlled Gain (TCG) enables you to introduce different gains to boost the weaker echo(es), keeping the first echo the same. Such versatility makes measurements on tricky areas easier and more accurate.

When storing your data, you have equal flexibility.Comprehensive data-logging offers linear, templates and 2-Dor 3-D grid formats, with 16 grid patterns and annotation capability. Radial points can be used to investigate areas of interest around measurements, attaching up to 12 measurements ‘around’ the principle measurement.

No matter how complex your logging process is, the gauge is designed for seamless data analysis and report generationusing Cyglink, easily connected via BluetoothTM or a data port.It can generate PDF reports and export to Excel. The CygLink software allows you to transfer, manage and view data logger records, A-scans and B-scans as well as templates, measurement comments and material velocity tables.

To GET A QUOTE, visit Alternatively, call +44 (0) 1305 265533 oremail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.s.Quote HES22 for 10% off a gauge.

EEMUA appoints new chair of council

EEMUA is pleased to announce that Jim Lewis has been appointed as Chair of the EEMUA Council.

The Council is the senior body in EEMUA setting the overall direction and policy of the organisation.

Jim is Director of the Central Engineering function at BOC UK & Ireland and has been involved with EEMUA since 2014. He is an active member of the EEMUA Competence and Training Board, which is responsible for quality assurance of the organisation’s training activities.

Commenting on his appointment Jim said: “EEMUA represents companies across the process industry and becoming Chair of Council is a great opportunity to work with member companies to help shape what EEMUA has to offer in changing and challenging times”. He continued, “EEMUA provides some high-quality guidance and training, and this is made uniquely relevant by harnessing the network of its member organisations. I look forward to encouraging greater participation through our efforts at Council”.

UKCA Ex Deadlines shift…Again!

BEIS has once again issued new guidance as the UKCA Requirements as they continue to change just weeks before the mandatory implementation date.

Legislation has again been prepared to extend the date on which UKCA Marking becomes mandatory. UKCA Ex marking still the official mark for the UK, but manufacturers can use ATEX Certification or UKCA Ex Certification in the UK if the legislation passes for an extended period.

• ATEX equipment permitted into GB until 31 December 2024. During the period the EU will unilaterally decide what the ATEX rule are for the UK and what Standards are accepted in the UK.
• ATEX Notified Body assessment performed before 31 December 2024, can be used as the basis for UKCA marking until 31 December 2027 (it is assumed at this stage that any variation or QAN expiry will require UKCA before 2027 and that UK Designated Standards will be required)
• Importer’s name and address should be added to the product. It can be on a sticky or removable label until 31 December 2027

Requirements are changing on an almost monthly basis, so please check directly with the UK Government before deciding what you need (or just get UKCA and ATEX to be sure!). This new legislation must still be passed by parliament(so it could change again) but it has left UK Manufacturers (most of whom have already have the UKCA Marking Certification as the deadline was weeks away) and UKCA Appointed Bodies for issuing UKCA Certification totally bemused.

Since BREXIT it is the EU now decides what countries can issue Notified Body Certificates such as ATEX that will be accepted in the UK. It does not have to be countries in the EU- It is entirely the EU's decision where Notified Bodies can be- Turkey, Canada...everywhere but the UK!

The United Kingdom are now accepting a scheme we are not part of, have no input into and no influence over…we have ‘handed full control to the EU’ in a one-way agreement with no mutual acceptance or formal agreement.


Written by 

Sean Clarke CEng MSc FIET is the Managing Director of ExVeritas Limited. 

ExVeritas provides Product Certification, Management System Certification, CompEx Certification and Site Safety Servicesand are a UK Government Appointed Body for UKCA ‘Ex’,an ATEX Notified Body and an IECEx Certification Body and Test Laboratory

Businesses to be given UK product marking flexibility

Businesses will be given an additional 2 years to apply new product safety marking, giving thousands of businesses the freedom to focus on growth, Business Secretary Grant Shapps has announced today (Monday 14 November).

The UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) marking has been introduced as part of the UK’s own robust regulatory framework. It shows that products comply with our product safety regulations which are designed to protect consumers.

However, given the difficult economic conditions created by post-pandemic shifts in demand and supply, alongside Putin’s war in Ukraine and the associated high energy prices, the government does not want to burden business with the requirement to meet the original (31 December 2022) deadline.

The government will continue to recognise the CE marking for 2 years, therefore allowing businesses until 31 December 2024 to prepare for the UKCA marking. Businesses can also use the UKCA marking, giving them flexibility to choose which marking to apply.

Business Secretary Grant Shapps said:

The government is determined to remove barriers to businesses so they can get on with their top priorities, like providing quality customer service, enabling growth and supporting their staff.

This move will give businesses the breathing space and flexibility they need at this crucial time and ensure that our future system for product safety marking is fit for purpose, providing the highest standard for consumers without harming businesses.

To support manufacturers, the government is also reviewing the wider product safety framework, ensuring we minimise the burdens on business while keeping our system up to date with new innovative methods such as e-labelling.

As part of this, the government will make it easier than ever for businesses to apply product markings.

This package will give thousands of businesses, including electronics and lift manufacturers, additional time to focus on delivering growth and creating jobs, while giving them flexibility in how they meet their legal obligations.

There will be different rules for medical devices, construction products, cableways, transportable pressure equipment, unmanned aircraft systems, rail products, and marine equipment. Government departments responsible for these sectors are making sector specific arrangements.h

Largest liner’ expands options for UK sewer maintenance

National drainage and wastewater maintenance specialist Lanes Group plc has installed itslargest ever ultraviolet liner – and Largest liner’ expands options for UK sewer maintenanceone that could be the largest to have been installed in the UK.

The UV cured in place pipe (CIPP) liner was 1800mm in diameter, tall enough for a man of average height to walk along without having to stoop.

It is first 1800mm UV liner installed by Lanes, and the first to be supplied in the UK by its German manufacturer, IMPREG.

In a significant development, Lanes selected a new type of liner that can be more easily controlled in hot weather, which gave its lining team greater flexibility in carrying out the installation.

Lanes installed the 42-metre-long liner to strengthen a storm drain in Corby, Northamptonshire, before it was adopted into the public sewer system.

Sue Kenyon, Lanes Reline Division Manager, said: “The technical challenges created by the size of the liner make this one of the most complex lining projects we’ve ever undertaken.

“It shows we can deliver cutting edge, no-dig technologies, at the biggest possible scale, giving clients a highly sustainable, cost effective and much safer method for rehabilitating culverts, sewers and industrial pipes.”

IMPREG UK Technical Manager Jack Talbott said: “This is the largest diameter UV liner we’ve supplied to a UK contractor and we haven’t heard of any as big as this being installed in the UK before.

“The project demonstrates an expansion of what can be achieved by UV CIPP by matching advances in manufacturing and UV lining systems with the installation expertise of Lanes as a contractor.”

Lanes, the UK’s largest independent drainage and wastewater maintenance service specialist, has more than 25 years of experience lining of sewers and industrial pipe systems.

To provide the 100-year design life required, the IMPREG GL15 liner had to be 15.5mm thick, contributing to its 9.5-tonne weight.

The power of the UV light train was also supercharged. Its three mega light cores had a combined power output of 36,000 watts, three times higher than a standard light train used to cure a 1200mm liner.

A key reason this extra power was needed was Lanes’ decision to install one of IMPREG’s latest non-thermal liners, which do not contain a curing accelerant, peroxide.

Gary Carey, the Lanes Lining Supervisor, who led the project, explained: “Peroxide makes the resins more reactive to heat from the UV bulbs, speeding up the curing process.

“The disadvantage is that peroxide liners have to be transported in refrigerated trucks which can add to installation costs.

“Liners containing peroxide must be installed more quickly than conventional ones, especially in hot weather. Given the heatwaves we’ve experienced this summer, using the new non-thermal resin was a wise choice.

“The technology’s been developed to extend the use of UV lining in countries with hotter climates. This project demonstrates how, thanks to climate change, it’ll have advantages in the UK as well.”

A Lanes civils team exposed two 3-metre-diameter concrete chambers beneath the road, between which the liner would be installed.

In an 18-hour operation, a 10-person Lanes team carried out the installation on 17 August 2022, pulling the liner though the storm drain with a 10-tonne winch. 

The liner was inflated with compressed air to a pressure of 250 millibars. Then the UV light train was sent through at a speed of between 50cm and 70cm a minute, curing the liner in 70 minutes.

The following day, six lateral connections were reopened. Finally, the Lanes civils team returned to reinstate the road surface to its original standard.


Investment reinforces ION as the sensible choice for PID gas sensors

ION Science, a leading global manufacturer of photoionisation detection (PID) sensors for VOC monitoring,further invests in manufacturing technologyFollowingthe recent construction ofapurpose-built £4.5 million facility, significant investment continues into buildingthe newION TechnologyCentre forfuture innovation, tomaintain ION’s position as an industry leader.This sustainable, environmentally focused facilityenhances IONs vision of protecting lives and preserving the environment.

This investment is a good example of the advantages that can be gained from being a privately owned, independent company. We are free from corporate requirements dictating what should be in our technology portfolio, and we are able to invest in our own resources for the benefit of our customers,explains Duncan Johns, Managing Director.

The expansion of ION’s facilities will further optimiseand automate critical processes in sensor manufacturing. “This will enable us to fulfil our commitment toenhance the repeatability and stabilityof our products; quality measures for which our sensors are already world-renowned.We strongly believe that the freedom to focus on qualityand standards allows us to offer the world’s best PID sensors, and with the largest global market share, it would appear that ourcustomers agree, continuesDuncan Johns, Managing Director. 

There are several key factors that underpin the levels of sensor quality that IONis able to deliver as an independent company. These are: 1) the widest range of PIDs in the world; 2) the only fail-safe PIDs on the market; 3) the best available temperature stability; 4) the best available humidity stability; and 5) the most sensitive PIDs on the market.

ION Scienceis able to assertthat it offers the world’s widest range of PIDs because, unlike those companies that adopt a ‘one-lamp-fits-all policyION designs, develops and manufactures10.0, 10.6 and 11.7 eV lamps. This is crucially important for OEMs because it means that their measurement capabilities are not restricted to compounds with an ionisation energy lower than 10.6 eV, for example.Therefore, IONcustomers are able to choose the best lamps for their applications, which improves sensitivity and widens the range of VOCs that can be measured.

Uniquely, ION’s PIDs (MiniPIDs) incorporate an ASIC chip, which continuously monitors lamp and sensor performance, providing fail-safe assurance of sensor health. The ASIC manages the sensor to give exceptionaltemperature stability to deliver a stable signal from -40 to +65oC.

Humidity is a major challenge for many PID manufacturers,however, all of ION’s MiniPIDs have patent protected design with a third electrode thatovercomes this challenge, delivering a stable signal from 0 – 99% RH.

The sensitivity of PID sensors is extremely important in many applications; particularly where the sensors are deployed in the measurement of trace VOCs.Again,ION leads the field, offering MiniPIDs with ten times the sensitivity of other PID manufacturers.

Integration support is crucially important for OEM customers, especially in the early days of their partnership with ION, so this is a key focus for the company. As the developer and manufacturer of the world’s leading PIDs, ION is able to offer support at any level, but to avoid complacency, customers are also surveyed to check that ION is meeting, andexceeding expectations.

Product cost is of course a major consideration for PID customers, and the MiniPID lamps and stacks are fully serviceable in the field. This reduces lifetime cost, which also benefits end-users.

Summarising, Duncan Johns says: “As a private company, our independence means that we are free to continuously invest in our market-leading technologiesWhen OEMsintegrate PID Sensor intheir products, it is their brand reputation that is at stake, soIONs customers benefit from the assurance that every MiniPID provideshigh quality, reliable results.For that reason, we know that when it comes to PID sensors, ION is the only sensible choice.”