Pyroban gets active on LPG forklifts

Safety company Pyroban reports that it is providing active gas detection on an increasing number of LPG forklifts used in areas close to Zone 2.

“LPG remains a popular fuel choice for many forklift truck fleet managers,” says Darren Boiling, European Technical Sales Manager for Pyroban. “But we are finding that LPG trucks are used in many yards and storage areas on sites where flammable material is being processed or stored.”


A specialist that designs and manufactures hazardous area-approved computers for the world’s leading oilfield services companies and their customers has launched a breakthrough Zone 1 product.

HMi Elements’ 1301-Z1 field maintainable Zone 1 computer is a first for industry.

Over half a million pounds was invested bringing this product to market.

More airport work for Hart

Working through Vanderlande, the market’s largest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and supplier of logistic process automation for airports, Hart Doors has won a contract to supply 60 high-speed screens for a new baggage handling system at Manchester International airport.

MSA reveals industry insights from hard hat survey

A forward-thinking industry survey has revealed a lack of comfort as the main obstacle putting workers off wearing their safety helmets more regularly, and, somewhat worryingly, almost half of those surveyed said that they never or rarely wear a hard hat.

Run by MSA Safety in conjunction with Skill Builder (a resource for the building industry promoting knowledge, news, and expertise), the extensive survey explored what puts workers off wearing safety helmets and what people consider to be the most important features of hard hat design.

The Future of Area Monitoring

Hazardous substances, particularly flammable or toxic, are increasingly used or produced in industrial processes. This involves many risks such as gas leaks, which can be harmful and even fatal to humans. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the occurrence and concentration of various gases.

One of the programs that helps keep industrial facilities protected is area monitoring. This solution improves worker and worksite safety for temporary, high-risk deployments & semi-permanent monitoring. Besides, it can be used in confined spaces or remote locations.

Enerpac announces complete suite of ATEX Certified Bolting and Pipeline Tools

Enerpac announces a complete suite of ATEX-Certified Tools for engineers working in potentially explosive atmospheres. Suitable for zones 1 and 2 gaseous atmospheres and zones 21 and 22 dust atmospheres, the range includes hydraulic torque wrenches, air pumps, flange spreading tools, hydraulic sealed hand pumps and hoses.

Compliant with EN ISO 80079:2019 parts 36 and 37, the Enerpac certified tools are one of the largest ranges of ATEX-Certified Tools available today. By providing both tools and ATEX-Certified hydraulic hoses, Enerpac enables a safer approach to projects in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Global network navigates changing international travel restrictions to bring overseas students and staff home

During the last month global travel risk management and international  medical and security assistance provider, Healix International, has been working closely with clients around the world to bring their employees and students home before borders closed due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. With the situation changing rapidly, and differing vastly between countries and regions, Healix used its international network of experts to help clients navigate the crisis and repatriate their people located overseas, before it was too late and international travel became impossible.

Free facility signs to help stop COVID-19

Safety and identification specialist Brady Corporation offers signs for download to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Anyone can freely download the print-ready files from Brady websites.

Clear countermeasure communication

All signs offered are compliant or in line with the ISO 7010 international standard to maximise recognition anywhere in the world. Each sign includes a quickly recognisable icon for almost any COVID-19 safety measure, ranging from wash hands and keep distance to wearing the appropriate personal protection equipment.

TLT-Turbo GmbH Response to the Coronavirus

Global ventilation fans and systems manufacturer, TLT-Turbo GmbH, today stated their formal response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The company has highlighted its operational resilience, reassuring clients that TLT-Turbo remains operational while prioritizing the health and safety of its employees and complying to regional legislature where required.

Ion Science TIGERLT Monitors VOC Levels From Guernsey’s Waste Transfer Station  Handheld PID instrument used on outlets of odour control system to assess utilisation of carbon media filter

Guernsey’s States Works is using an Ion Science ( TigerLT handheld photoionisation detector (PID) to measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs) being emitted from an odour control system installed at Guernsey’s waste transfer station. Supplied by distributor Shawcity and chosen for its portability, high detection rates and range of response factors, the instrument is helping to prevent the escape of malodours into the surrounding environment.