Recommended Products MOBILE and RealWear present RealWear Navigator® Z1


The world’s most advanced intrinsically safe head-mounted wearable is redefining smart glasses for ATEX/IECEx industry use


Lauda-Koenigshofen, 10 January 2024. MOBILE, innovation and world market leader for explosion-proof mobile devices and solutions and RealWear, Inc., the pioneer of smart glasses for frontline workers, have launched with the RealWear Navigator Z1 the world’s most advanced intrinsically safe and ATEX/IECEx certificated head-mounted wearable. The Navigator Z1 is particularly designed for use in hazardous areas for troubleshooting equipment via remote expert guidance, virtual training and for eworkers using Field Services Management (FSM) or streamlined inspection data management systems (IDMS). The Navigator Z1 delivers unparalleled performance with exceptional energy efficiency and is powered by an advanced chipset with a built-in advanced AI engine.  The platform lays the foundation for RealWear’s broader AI Core vision for frontline workers. Navigator Z1 ensures voice recognition for fully hands-free use up to 100dBA, an essential feature for noisy oil and gas work environments. The Navigator Z1's unique modular design enables unprecedented customization for various add-ons like an IS-certified thermal camera and a swappable battery.

The main operational areas of the Navigator Z1 include the following:

  • Remote expert guidance and training
    Remote experts can conduct in-the-moment maintenance and repair, potentially reducing costly travel and downtime using popular apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
  • Field Services Management (FSM)
    Using simple voice commands, workers can connect to FSM enterprise AI systems such as hands-free solutions from RealWear and OverIT to handle work orders safely and quickly, and conduct asset maintenance at reduced operational costs.
  • Equipment and Site Inspection Rounds
    Inspectors can traverse safely around a job site, take high quality photos and dictate notes using the field data collection component of an Inspection Data Management System (IDMS) such as hands-free solutions from RealWear and HUVR. From there, the captured data is instantly uploaded and geocoded for integrity verification, auditing and compliance purposes.  The solution saves time and money, while enhancing safety and enabling further automation,3D digital twins and AI.

“The design of the most powerful smart glasses for frontline professionals took incredible collaboration between RealWear and MOBILE,” said Dirk Amann, CTO of MOBILE. “We are pleased that we have been able to make a device that has met the requirements to achieve ATEX and IECEx for use in explosive atmospheres.”

 “Worker safety and productivity must not be mutually exclusive,” said Dr. Chris Parkinson, RealWear’s cofounder and CEO.  “With so many consumer-grade gadgets being hyped to industry, we have delivered something truly modern and in high demand for critical work procedures.  With certification, we’re able to fulfill our strong pre-order backlog.  Navigator Z1 is laying the groundwork for an AI-enabled workforce in hazardous industries.”

The RealWear Navigator Z1 has a series of major technical improvements:
• The introduction of RealWear’s new AI Core, the most powerful processor ever in a RealWear device, especially designed for on-device enhanced AI experiences

  • Significantly lighter for added comfort, while maintaining its ruggedness and durability
  • Improved screen visibility with HD 720p display
  • High resolution front-facing camera (48 MP) for better remote collaboration and low-light image capture for inspections and auditing
  • Enhanced noise cancellation for improved voice-responsiveness and accuracy
  • Improved connectivity with faster Wi-Fi® 6 and an optional 5G intrinsically safe solution for private and secure enterprise connectivity
  • A thermal camera module to spot invisible issues before they become critical
  • A removable integrated snag-free battery for enhanced safety and for extended use
  • Enterprise Secure Android™ 12

The RealWear Navigator Z1 will be available from the end of Q1/2024 via MOBILE.

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