MSL Technical Recruitment

MSL RecruitmentMSL Technical Recruitment Ltd provides a fresh and innovative approach to technical recruitment by employing experienced engineers as our consultants. This makes us unique in the recruitment industry as we can quickly understand the requirements of employers and job seekers alike, in the engineering and technology sectors As an Employer; Imagine being able to discuss your requirements with experienced engineers; sharing ideas and technical information on a level playing field, keeping you safe in the knowledge that we understand what you are looking for and that we will deliver the candidate you are looking for. As a Candidate; Imagine if you could have accurately explained to you, the technical requirements of a position and exactly how your previous experience and personal attributes match the requirements of an employer.

Industry Sectors

We can provide permanent or contract personnel to fulfil any vacancy for our clients. At MSL we have experienced people who have been successful in both engineering and recruitment, making us specialists in the following Industry Sectors;

* Power Generation    * Energy from Waste & Environmental 
* Oil and Gas    * Defence Industry 
* Nuclear Safety    * Marine Engineering 
* Maintenance Engineering    * Facilities Management 
* Construction Management    * Controls & Automation 
* Project Management    * Project Engineering 
* Condition Monitoring    * Research and Development 

Why use MSL Media Recruitment?

It is evident that the success of a company is determined both by the calibre of its staff and by the quality of its products. This makes Recruitment and Selection of paramount importance to a company