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The next generation of CMMS has arrived!

Pirana is the revolutionary browser-based system for the integrated management of maintenance, materials, services and more. Streets ahead of the rest, Pirana sets new benchmark standards for CMMS simplicity, usability and affordability. Whatever the size of your organisation - micro-small to mega-multinational - Pirana can fit your needs like a glove. Internet, intranet and mobile phone deployment means you can access your system from anywhere.

The February 2010 edition now available to read online.

The February 2010 edition of Engineering Maintenance Solutions magazine is now available to read online. This edition contains articles on achieving best practice in condition monitoring and plant maintenance. As well as special focuses on value driven  maintenance, ATEX Equipment and more as well as the latest industry news and products.

Science Friction: FM and Manufacturing

As assets become smarter and CMMS/EAM packages become more integrated across various asset classes within a manufacturing company, responsibility for facility management (including facility maintenance) has become spread over multiple departments. Historically, facility and plant maintenance were the sole responsibility of the Maintenance Department which ultimately reported to the Plant Manager or Works Manager.  However, plant equipment is the focus of most Maintenance departments in a manufacturing environment, except in the largest and most complex multi-site facilities.  

Reliability Engineering - What’s it all about?

The contribution of maintenance to an organisation is unfortunately too often not fully understood until something goes wrong e.g. a failure of a significant plant item or asset.This will inevitably result in a consequential loss through the inability to produce or provide a service or the occurrence of an environmental health, safety or quality incident.

Capturing International Attention – a Conference on Facility Management

In Built to Last, authors Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras determined that one factor in distinguishing a great company from a good one was what they called having “Big Hairy Audacious Ideas.” 

Companies that set almost inconceivable, outlandish goals tended to outperform those companies that toed the line and acted conservatively.  CWorks Systems, an 8-year-old software development company of CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems) with headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is one company that believes in and is following this “big idea” road to success.

Helping business plan, review and schedule

The versatility and simplicity of TCard systems makes them the most popular type of planning systems in use today.

The October edition of EMS magazine

ems front cover oct 09
The October edition of EMS magazine is now available to read online in page turning digital format or PDF format. This edition contains articles on achieving best practice in condition monitoring and plant maintenance as well as the latest products, news and case studies.

Simone Veil Hospital working towards a unified maintenance system Eaubonne Montmorency Hospital Group needed a unified CMMS system to manage the activities of its various departments.In order to centralise the management of curative and preventive work, benefit from a database of equipment, generate indicators and reports and to improve stock management they chose COSWIN 7i, a fully web based CMMS solution.

Management for multiple sites and multiple departments

Simone Veil Hospital was formed when the Eaubonne and Montmorency sites merged. The challenge for this Hospital Group is to choose a maintenance tool that is both ‘multi-site’ capable and highly customisable.

Mainsaver Selected For State-Of-The-Art Waste Treatment Plants Software has announced that Global Renewables, an innovative resource recovery specialist, has selected Spidex’s Mainsaver CMMS solution to manage engineering maintenance at its two newly-built state-of -the-art waste treatment facilities in Lancashire.

The new waste processing sites are the centrepiece of a 25-year, ฃ2bn PFI project which has the capacity to process up to 600,000 tonnes of household waste per year, reclaiming the maximum amount of recyclables and converting the remaining organic fraction into renewable energy and compost.

Software Fit for A King

Medieval big castles require constant upkeep and attention to detail. Unlike Hogwart’s Castle in Harry Potter novels, plumbing systems are not magically repaired with the swish of a wand and complicated computerized central air and heating systems are amenities required by even the most steadfast historian or luddite.

Hence, when John Summers took the helm as head of support services at Leeds Castle, an English medieval castle in Kent dating back to the 12th century, he knew that effective facilities management would be a daunting, but necessary undertaking. While it withstood catapults and battering rams in the time of Edward the First, today’s threats are of a more mundane nature. Corrosion, erosion and contamination aren’t lethal but just as capable of shutting it down. The castle is currently used as a conference and tourist centre.