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Capturing International Attention – a Conference on Facility Management

In Built to Last, authors Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras determined that one factor in distinguishing a great company from a good one was what they called having “Big Hairy Audacious Ideas.” 

Companies that set almost inconceivable, outlandish goals tended to outperform those companies that toed the line and acted conservatively.  CWorks Systems, an 8-year-old software development company of CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems) with headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is one company that believes in and is following this “big idea” road to success.

Corus Introduction

Corus Brochures Corus Northern Engineering Services and Corus Process Engineering (CNES/CPE) work together to provide a wide range of engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical, structural and civil. We deliver them through our workshops and our design, project engineering and project management organisation to provide engineering support to all process industries, OEMs, and infrastructure facilities such as defence, rail, airports and nuclear.

This interactive brochure describes the services we offer, and some of the projects we've worked on, in pdf format.To find out how to get our expertise working for your business, please contact us, using
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Energy surveys from ERIKSWith the continuing increase in energy costs and with many fixed price deals currently coming to an end there has never been a greater emphasis on reducing energy bills in the FM sector. Facilities managers and facilities management (FM) companies can now cut costs and increase efficiency by making use of the new and comprehensive support package being offered by ERIKS Electro-Mechanical Services, part of ERIKS UK, a corporate member of the British Institute of Facilities Management.

Specifically designed to complement facilities management operations, the package draws on the enormous product portfolio, resources and expertise of ERIKS to go far beyond the simple repair services offered by other support companies.

Voltage performance monitoring made easy by Ideal Industries

Equipment failure caused by voltage instability can cost companies thousands of pounds in time and money every year.  The new Voltage Performance Monitor (VPM) from Ideal Industries gives building maintenance personnel, IT professionals and electricians a cost-effective solution to test voltage quality quickly and easily.

In recent years a massive rise in the number of non-linear loads

FMA Mission Statement

ImageThe Facilities Management Association (FMA) is the UK