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The easy way to choose thread-locking adhesives

The Pratley Pratlok® range of thread-locking anaerobic adhesives is ideal for various industries, from mining to automotive, industrial, agricultural, engineering and even DIY. “Unlike most imported brands, the selection of the correct grade for your application has been simplified and streamlined,” says Pratley Adhesive Marketing Manager Mark Bell.

As opposed to complex grade numbering that in many instances is hard to understand, the Pratlok® range is colour-coded for easy reference. The product name is also easy to comprehend as, for example, ‘Pratlok® Grade 0-6’ means it is intended for use on screws up to 6 mm. This minimises risk and ensures that the correct grade is always selected.

“End users have peace of mind in the quality of these thread-lockers as the range clinched the Technology Top 100 Award upon its launch,” adds Bell. The Pratley Pratlok® range consists of anaerobic adhesives that cure in the absence of oxygen. A single drop on a thread will begin curing within eight to 18 minutes once assembled, depending on the grade, with a full cure after a recommended 24 hours at room temperature.

The range includes:

Pratley Pratlok® Screw Lock Grade 0-6 is a low-strength thread locker, differentiated by a purple cap on the product. It is typically used for screws up to 6 mm. It prevents loosening due to vibration by sealing the thread and effectively retarding corrosion.

Pratley Pratlok® Nut Lock Grade 6-10 is a medium-strength thread locker, differentiated by a blue cap. It is typically used for M6-M10 nuts and bolts.

Pratley Pratlok® Stud Lock Grade 10-20 is a high-strength thread locker, differentiated by a white cap. It is typically used for M10-M20 studs, bolts, and threaded pipe fittings, and it allows for disassembly by applying heat.

Pratley Pratlok® Grade 20+ is a high-strength, high-viscosity thread locker for >M20 threads and flanged assemblies and gap filling, differentiated by a red cap.

Pratley Pratlok® Grade BRG, which has a green cap, is a medium- to high-strength low-viscosity grade for retaining bearings onto shafts, into housings or for bushes and other cylindrical close-tolerance assemblies.

Pratley Pratlok® Grade H-Temp, with an orange cap, is a high-temperature thread locker for temperatures up to 230°C.

Pratley Pratlok® Grade HYD, with a brown lid, is ideal for fine threads on hydraulic and pneumatic connections. It effectively replaces traditional sealing tapes and pastes.

Pratley Pratlok® Grade PEN, with a yellow cap, is an ultra-low viscosity thread locker for wicking into preassembled fasteners, press fits and knurls. It is also suitable for sealing microporosity in welds and castings.

Pratley Pratlok® thread-lockers are available in 50 g bottles for the industrial market and a smaller 10 g bubble pack for the DIY segment.

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Snickers Workwear’s Certified Kneeguard™ PRO Knee Protection

The long-term effects of working on your knees can cause a lifetime of discomfort and restricted movement. Even the most innocuous bumps to the knees can result in reduced working efficiency and time off work.

Snickers Workwear’s Kneegguard™ PRO system is the market-leading solution to those problems.

It’s a fully certified, trademarked PPE system for knee protection against kneeling injuries and everyday knocks at work. The combination of highly effective Kneepads and the Kneeguard™ PRO positioning system in Snickers Workwear trousers is a crucial combination for reliable knee protection. 

Snickers Workwear also supplies different types of Kneepads to fit different types of trousers which suit different jobs on site. Such as the unique D30® Ergo kneepads which are made of a unique material that moulds around your knee to provide enhanced impact protection. They’re great for tradesmen and women who spend a lot of time working on their knees and want to ensure maximum long-term protection and wellbeing.

ECOM presents Tab-Ex® 03 third generation of its 8-inch Android tablet series

The Pepperl+Fuchs brand ECOM Instruments continues the success story of its 8-inch Tab-Ex® series with the intrinsically safe Tab-Ex® 03 tablet in the DZ2 (for Zone 2/22 & Division 2) and D2 (for Division 2) variants. The successor model to the Tab-Ex® 02 is thus the third generation of Samsung devices in variants for industrial use in hazardous areas. Based on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3, the Tab-Ex® 03 offers state-of-the-art technology for harsh environments as well as Android 11 with update guarantee. Samsung Knox ensures high security for data and devices. The Samsung DeX feature supports a quick switch to the desktop version. In addition, the tablet offers more RAM and external storage than the previous models.

Tab-Ex® 03 DZ2 and D2 delivers industry-leading performance in mobile devices for hazardous areas with a slim and lightweight design. It is easy to operate with gloves or the S Pen stylus. A desktop version as well as peripherals for industrial use make the Tab-Ex® 03 the perfect companion for the modern mobile worker. Digital products and services from ECOM complete the all-round solution. Thus, the Tab-Ex® 03 can be fully adapted to individual requirements and offers optimal support for everyday work.

Convenient Filming and Photographing in ATEX Zone 2: The New ARMADEX OZC Explosion Proof Camera That Fits In Your Pocket

In recent years, a lot of connectivity and smart solutions have been introduced in the ATEX zones. For example Wi-Fi systems, LoRa (driving innovations in industry 4.0) and explosion proof smartphones. However, digital cameras where long left behind. The available products suffered low specifications and were very clunky. Ex-Machinery is proud to solve these issues by introducing their new ATEX Zone 2 Camera.

Specifications & Benefits

The Armadex OZC is capable of taking very high quality images that would not be matched by the latest smartphone. The lightweight, rugged camera features 4K filming (the resolution of a modern flatscreen tv) and 4x slow-motion.

The OZC is extra suitable for using on site, because it comes with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). This technology ensures that the video is stable, even when walking around. This makes for a much clearer and more professional image.

When inspecting sites or conducting maintenance, some parts may be hard to reach. The 5x optical zoom feature ensures lossless zooming both in videos and photographs. In addition to that the camera is equipped with a 2x digital zoom function, making for a total of 10x zoom whilst maintaining great image quality.

Applications and Industries

The Armadex OZC may be used in ATEX Zone 2 (gas). Do not charge the device or change the memory card in the Zone. The camera suits the following applications and industries:


  • Inspections of sites and machinery
  • Remote surveillance using the remote camera shooting function
  • Maintenance logs
  • Shooting promotion material
  • Communication between employees (wireless image transfer)
  • Inspecting moving parts with slow motion video function
  • Stabilized filming when walking and working (OIS Function)

Industries & Common use places

  • Oil & Gas
  • LNG Tankers
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Paint shops
  • Battery rooms
  • Chemical industry
  • Biomass Plants
  • Power Generation


The Armadex OZC comes with a USB charger and EU plug. Other plugs are available on request.  The battery is removable. The OZC comes with 80MB internal memory and an external memory card. Armadex also offers a rugged carrying case in which the camera and charger may be stored safely.

Comparison Table of ATEX Camera

Key Specifications & Features

Armadex OZC

Other Brands


16.4 MP

5.0 MP








Up to 4 times


Remote camera shooting




5 Times Optical, Lossless


Optical Image Stabilization




ATEX Camera vs. Smartphone?

ATEX Smartphones have become more popular in recent years. It is recommended to use the Armadex OZC over a smartphone if:

  • You require high quality images
  • You require high quality video
  • You need a product that is truly rugged
  • Your imaging device is shared by multiple employees


Currently Armadex does not rent out the Armadex OZC in any country or region. The OZC fits any ATEX Rental company’s portfolio well. Interested companies may reach out to us using the contact form on the website.


The Armadex ATEX OZC comes with 1 year carry-in warranty. After inspection a new camera will be shipped free of charge, if our experts conclude that the defect was due to a manufacturing fault.

Availability, delivery time

Please be aware that ATEX is mainly used in the EU. We ship our products worldwide. You may expect to receive your camera within 2 weeks after placing your order, depending on your location.






Experience easy with the new BradyPrinter i5300

Set up, switch out and print faster than you ever imagined with the BradyPrinter i5300 Industrial Label Printer.

It’s intuitive, auto-calibrating and precise, printing barcodes and small fonts on labels as small as 5,08 mm. With a solid, metal frame construction, it can handle both high-volume and high-mix labeling applications: electronics and product ID, wire and panel ID, lab ID and safety and facility ID.

Getac’s next-generation F110 delivers industry-leading power, brightness and rugged performance in a compact tablet form factor

Getac has today announced the launch of its next-generation F110, a powerful yet highly portable fully rugged tablet for mobile professionals in the manufacturing, automotive, defence, public safety, utilities, and transportation & logistics sectors.

Bimetal Thermostats - Proven Regulators in Enclosures and Control Cabinets

The small compact thermostats KTO 111 and KTS 111 from STEGO feature a practical innovation: Push-In terminals ensure faster and tool-free connection. The small-sized regulators can be quickly connected within an enclosure or control cabinet to switch heating and cooling systems. These provide a constant climate, prevent the formation of harmful condensation, and enable trouble-free operation of sensitive electronics.

Extended functionality and ATEX certification for Bürkert’s Type 8652 pneumatic valve island

Pneumatic process control offers numerous benefits, especially in hygienic applications. The latest update to Bürkert's Type 8652 AirLINE valve island has expanded its range of applications as well as improved safety features, communications and diagnostics.

Many modern production systems use pneumatic process control for its ease of operation and suitability for applications in the pharmaceutical, water and food & beverage sectors. As a leading manufacturer of process control equipment, Bürkert has an extensive range of products that are specifically designed for reliability and ease of operation. At the heart of the pneumatic equipment is the valve island, and the Type 8652 AirLINE now has greater functionality and additional safety features.

Hydratight takes heat out of Industrial Complex maintenance shutdown

Portable Mirage milling machine technology ensured accurate metal-to-metal sealing for vessel covers and heat exchangers during maintenance work by specialty mechanical services company, Hydratight, at an industrial complex in Germany during the plant’s annual shutdown. A team of 40 Hydratight engineers from Germany, Holland, France, and the UK, operating under COVID-19 restrictions, was tasked with lifting vessel covers, performing on-site machining and controlled bolting on a number of vessels and heat exchanger joints, within the 45 day shutdown.

Innovative, new wire ID solution – BradyGrip™ Print-on Hook Material

Brady, a global leader in industrial and safety printing systems and solutions, announced today the launch of a new print-on hook material designed to identify wire and cable bundles.

As data centers increase in size and complexity, the challenge to correctly identify cable bundles, efficiently, has become more important. When installing and updating cables, a misidentified cable can interrupt data, cause outages and make troubleshooting more difficult, limiting overall productivity.