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Enerpac Lock-Grip Pullers - Powerful Pullers with a Practical Design

Enerpac introduces a controlled solution to removing objects from shafts for maintenance that is safer, faster and easier to operate. The new series Enerpac Lock-Grip Pullers provide maintenance crews a safer, faster and synchronised way to remove gears and bearings from a shaft. Objects are firmly controlled during the extraction process with the unique locking mechanism design, nearly eliminating the risk of flailing. Compared to other puller designs, the synchronised movement of the Lock-Grip Pullers jaws cut setup time in half.

New Lock-Grip Design

The jaws on the Enerpac Lock-Grip Pullers are designed with a deeper reach than previous models. At wider spreads, the reach is significantly improved. The removal of the cage area streamlines the tool with an improved reach-to-diameter ratio for equivalent tonnage, making it lighter and easier to manage. 

Reduced Manpower

Enerpac Lock-Grip Pullers have jaws that move in unison, which means fewer people are needed to engage them during set up of the puller. Manpower can also be reduced thanks to sync and self-centring features. Synchronous jaw movement enables the entire pulling job to be performed by a single operator, which means it frees up the operator’s schedule so more time can be spent on other important jobs. 

Improved Control 

A locking mechanism helps prevent the jaws on Enerpac Lock-Grip Pullers from slipping off the application during the pulling process. The synchronous feature of the Lock-Grip Pullers allows all jaws to move simultaneously and self-centre, preventing misalignment. And an adjustment handle that simplifies the positioning of jaws helps increase operation speed.

Applications Across Industries

The new series of powerful, high-force pullers works for a variety of applications. Enerpac Lock-Grip Pullers are an ideal solution for the removal of bearings, bushing, gears, and pins in industries such as paper plants, power generation, aerospace, rail, shipbuilding, oil and gas, manufacturing and mining. Available in two and three jaw configurations, the pullers quickly and easily mount on a wide range of applications so time can be spent on pulling and more time can be spent completing other jobs. 

The new series of Enerpac Lock-Grip Pullers includes:

- LGM Mechanical Lock-Grip Pullers – simple, economical pullers for everyday pulling jobs

- LGH Hydraulic Lock-Grip Pullers – powerful, high-force pullers for more demanding applications

- LGHS and LGHMS Hydraulic Puller Sets.

Enerpac Lock-Grip Pullers are available now through Enerpac distributors.

For more information on the Enerpac Lock-Grip Pullers, visit MOBILE presents the IS540.1, the world's first explosion-proof 5G smartphone for highly complex industrial scenarios

Industrial smartphone for ATEX/IECEx Zone 1/21 with high-performance chipset from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.6-inchdisplay, 48 MP camera, PTT functionality and amplified speaker system


6054DDDB 7399 4A88 9670 208BB1471ACBWith the introduction of the IS540.1 smartphone from MOBILE, the global innovation leader in explosion-proof mobile devices and solutions, a new era for explosion-proof mobile communication solutions begins. The IS540.1 is the world's first ATEX and IECEx Zone 1/21 approved smartphone with widely supported 5G frequency bands and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. The Qualcomm® QCM6490 gives IS540.1 users a future-proof mobile device with robust 5G and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, advanced camera quality and multimedia capabilities. The high-performance chipset has powerful AI and compute capabilities that can process demanding applications without compromising power efficiency.  Further special features in the technical equipment are the 48 MP main camera for highest image quality. The amplified loudspeaker guarantees clear and secure communication even in noisy industrial environments – not only in PoC/PTT applications. The updatable, up-to-date operating system Android 12 guarantees – in conjunction with the high-quality processor – fast data processing for the most demanding requirements in the industrial environment (predictive maintenance, communication, security). The IS540.1 scores with its 16-pin ISM interface, which offers connection to accessories such as the IS-TH2xx.1 (barcode scanner) or the IS-HS2.1 (audio accessories) and also with standards such as NFC, Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6.


5G smartphone for use in potentially explosive hazardous atmospheres

The new IS540.1 from MOBILE supports the 5G standard, which is used, for example, in company-internal campus networks (stand-alone networks). Among other things, the 5G standard facilitates the integration and consolidation of complex workflows, communication and networking between employees, machines and processes. Maintenance, remote monitoring and the evaluation of process data are playing an increasingly important role in the industrial environment and require prompt, fast data transmission and processing. In the 5G network, these can be transmitted multiple times faster than what was previously available on 4G networks. The IS540.1 fully supports this technological advance.

  • The powerful Qualcomm QCM6490 8-core processor
  • A 6-inch Full HD display (1080 x 2160 pixels) with Gorilla Glass®/6th generation

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  • The 48 MP Camera / 5 MP front camera
  • Android 12 
  • Amplified speakers 
  • Extensive frequency bands
  • 4400 mAh battery (replaceable)
  • 16-pin ISM interface (e.g. for PoC/PTT)
  • Programmable side button (e.g. for PoC/PTT)
  • Programmable red button (e.g. for lone worker protection/SOS)


Detailed technical information about the product and the data sheet can be found here.

The IS540.1 will be available soon.


Cobic-Ex: new supplier specialized in explosion proof lighting and equipment

Cobic-Ex was born from ATEX equipment manufacturers Armadex & Ex-Machinery, based in the Netherlands. Whereas the latter companies are known for modifying state of the art equipment to comply with ATEX regulations, Cobic-Ex is a company focused on supplying a broad spectrum of third-party products.  

An extensive product range  

To better serve customers and fulfill more needs, Cobic-Ex works with known manufacturers within the explosion protection industry. Cobic-Ex offers a much broader product range in terms of equipment type and certifications to existing customers and new parties. The emphasis here is on providing customers with different lighting solutions dependent on the type of hazardous area. Cobic-Ex offers lighting solutions for every different ATEX zone.   

Specialized in explosion proof lighting 

Cobic-Ex is specialized in explosion proof lighting, an essential part of any hazardous area. Collaborations with renowned brands such as NightSearcher (based in the United Kingdom) and Underwater Kinetics (based in Germany) ensure that the best ATEX equipment is offered.  

Both portable and fixed lighting solutions are available, certified for ATEX zones 0/20, 1/21 & 2/22, IECEx, UL, Mining, UKCA, et cetera.  The explosion lighting solutions are divided into the following categories: 


  • Explosion proof flood lights 
  • Explosion proof headlamps 
  • Explosion proof search lights 
  • Explosion Proof work Lights
  • Explosion proof flash lights 


    Of course, we also supply equipment offered by Armadex and Ex-Machinery such as explosion proof cameras and air conditioners. 


Worldwide shipping 

Cobic-Ex offers worldwide shipping, leaning on the logistics experience of both Armadex & Ex-Machinery. Land freight is available to European companies and the United Kingdom. Customers from other continents can choose between transport by air or sea. Transport by air is usually faster, whereas sea freight is often the cheaper alternative. In both cases Cobic-Ex ensures that the products are transported smoothly by taking international regulations into account. 





The World’s First ATEX Zone 1 Smartwatch

IS-SW1.1 is the World’s first ATEX & IECEx-certified smartwatch with all safety-relevant functions to enable use in Zone 1/21. The smartwatch can be paired with MOBILE devices via Bluetooth and functions as a complementary hands-free wrist display for devices such as the IS530.1 Zone 1 Smartphone.

The IS‑SW1.1 can emulate various RFID smartcards for access control systems while simultaneously monitoring the user’s vital signs pulse and oxygen saturation. MOBILE’s new product development closes a crucial gap in the area of employee safety for Zones 1/21 in the oil & gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

ATEX/IECEX Certified Smartwatch for Maximum Employee Safety

With the IS-SW1.1 industrial smartwatch, it is now possible for the first time to use a “personal device” established in everyday life in ATEX/IECEx Zones 1/21 of the oil & gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The smartwatch was developed by the MOBILE R&D team in Lauda-Koenigshofen/Germany and it displays all important messages, hazard messages and measured values directly on the user’s wrist – “hands free”.  Since the smartphone no longer has to be picked up to read short messages, this feature represents a step-forward in employee safety. Furthermore, in an emergency situation, it is possible to make an emergency call directly via the SOS button of the smartwatch on the wrist (connected to the emergency app of the smartphone) – the employee in distress can be located via GPS. The monitoring of the vital functions pulse and oxygen saturation additionally complement the safety concept. Coupled with a push-to-talk-enabled smartphone, users can employ the smartwatch as a remote PTT button. This means that all safety-relevant functions are available via the smartwatch on the employee’s wrist.

Convenient Access Control and RFID Reader on the Wrist

The RFID chip integrated in the smartwatch can not only read various RFID tags, but also emulate different contactless chip cards (e.g. MIFARE) – the watch can thus be used in a highly flexible manner. With the reading function, RFID tags attached to machines or sensors, for example, can be read and then the associated measured values can be shown directly on the display of the clock. Due to the possibility of RFID card emulation, the watch is excellently suited for commercially available access control, time recording and payment function systems such as those based on MIFARE.

The IS-SW1.1 is the next in a line of industry changing mobility devices available from Exloc Instruments UK. We have a wide range of ATEX certified devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as thermal cameras, barcode readers and head mounted tablets. If you are looking to level-up your hazardous area processes then contact Exloc for expert in-sight into hazardous area technology.

Exloc Instruments UK Ltd

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

01457 239 301

Smart way to make machine interventions safer

Increase workplace safety with a world-class Lockout/Tagout solution from a single supplier.

 Easily de-energise machines during maintenance to prevent accidents related to moving machine parts and any type of machine energy. Manufacturers worldwide use solution from Brady Corporation to optimise existing, and to implement complete Lockout/Tagout programmes that maximise workplace safety and protect employees. There are 7 reasons Brady is the preferred partner in Lockout/Tagout projects. Check them out!

 7 reasons Brady is the preferred partner in Lockout/Tagout projects:

  • Best-in-class lockout procedures:
    • no time to set up safe Lockout/Tagout procedures? Invite a Brady Safety Engineer to identify all machine energy isolation points and create illustrated, machine specific, world-wide best practice Lockout/Tagout procedures for your approval.
  • Optimal procedure management:
    • the process of managing, creating, updating, reviewing, scaling and communicating visually instructive lockout procedures becomes a matter of clicks.
  • Block access to any energy control point:
    • temporarily block access to valves, buttons, fuses and any energy isolation point with our complete range of dedicated Lockout/Tagout devices.
  • Best safety padlocks in the world:
    • effectively secure the isolated state of your machines during maintenance with our unique SafeKey padlocks that offer 700% more lock and key options for elaborate, futureproof lockout programmes.
  • Reliably identify every lockout:
    • easily communicate about ongoing maintenance interventions with reliable Lockout/Tagout tags that can be delivered to, or created at your premises with our safety printers.
  • Practical lockouts:
    • make Lockout/Tagout even more practical and efficient using our wide range of clever accessories.
  • Easily distribute lockout tools:
    • highlight the right solutions for specific lockouts, and encourage tool returns to the right location with our custom shadow boards.

Discover complete Lockout/Tagout solution from Brady >>

Lockout Tagout Guide: Enable Safer Machine Intervention

Lockout/Tagout can save lives during machine maintenance and interventions in production facilities. 15-20% of workplace accidents can be avoided with Lockout/Tagout which is why the procedure should be part of any ambitious go for zero programme that bans accidents from the workplace.

Download the free Lockout/Tagout guide >>

Brady Corporation


Rated at 160 lumens, this Magmate USB Rechargeable Dual-Light headlamp is cULus, ATEX Zone 0, and IECEx listed as Intrinsically Safe for hazardous environments. This headlamp features an adjustable tilting head powered by an integrated Li-Polymer rechargeable battery for extended runtime. Includes a rubber hardhat strap, an elastic non-slip headband, stainless steel clip backplate, NS-HMC9 mount, and a 4' USB magnetic coupler charge cord. The dual top-mounted switches provide a high or low spotlight for distance, a high or low floodlight for close-up illumination, and our exclusive Dual-Light technology which activates both the spotlight and the floodlight simultaneously for maximum user safety


  • cULus, ATEX, and IECEx listed Intrinsically Safe
  • LED technology
  • Focused high/low-brightness spotlight beam for distance illumination
  • Unfocused high/low-brightness wide-beam floodlight for close-up illumination
  • Dual-Light™ (spotlight and floodlight on at the same time) for maximum versatility
  • Engineered polymer housing
  • Reflector designed to optimize lumen output and beam pattern
  • Dual switches located on the top of the light
  • Adjustable tilt head
  • Heavy-duty rubber strap for fire helmets and hard hat applications
  • IP-67 Dustproof / Waterproof
  • Impact & chemical resistant
  • MagMate™ Magnetic USB Recharge Technology
  • Lithium Polymer Rechargeable battery (included)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


The easy way to choose thread-locking adhesives

The Pratley Pratlok® range of thread-locking anaerobic adhesives is ideal for various industries, from mining to automotive, industrial, agricultural, engineering and even DIY. “Unlike most imported brands, the selection of the correct grade for your application has been simplified and streamlined,” says Pratley Adhesive Marketing Manager Mark Bell.

As opposed to complex grade numbering that in many instances is hard to understand, the Pratlok® range is colour-coded for easy reference. The product name is also easy to comprehend as, for example, ‘Pratlok® Grade 0-6’ means it is intended for use on screws up to 6 mm. This minimises risk and ensures that the correct grade is always selected.

“End users have peace of mind in the quality of these thread-lockers as the range clinched the Technology Top 100 Award upon its launch,” adds Bell. The Pratley Pratlok® range consists of anaerobic adhesives that cure in the absence of oxygen. A single drop on a thread will begin curing within eight to 18 minutes once assembled, depending on the grade, with a full cure after a recommended 24 hours at room temperature.

The range includes:

Pratley Pratlok® Screw Lock Grade 0-6 is a low-strength thread locker, differentiated by a purple cap on the product. It is typically used for screws up to 6 mm. It prevents loosening due to vibration by sealing the thread and effectively retarding corrosion.

Pratley Pratlok® Nut Lock Grade 6-10 is a medium-strength thread locker, differentiated by a blue cap. It is typically used for M6-M10 nuts and bolts.

Pratley Pratlok® Stud Lock Grade 10-20 is a high-strength thread locker, differentiated by a white cap. It is typically used for M10-M20 studs, bolts, and threaded pipe fittings, and it allows for disassembly by applying heat.

Pratley Pratlok® Grade 20+ is a high-strength, high-viscosity thread locker for >M20 threads and flanged assemblies and gap filling, differentiated by a red cap.

Pratley Pratlok® Grade BRG, which has a green cap, is a medium- to high-strength low-viscosity grade for retaining bearings onto shafts, into housings or for bushes and other cylindrical close-tolerance assemblies.

Pratley Pratlok® Grade H-Temp, with an orange cap, is a high-temperature thread locker for temperatures up to 230°C.

Pratley Pratlok® Grade HYD, with a brown lid, is ideal for fine threads on hydraulic and pneumatic connections. It effectively replaces traditional sealing tapes and pastes.

Pratley Pratlok® Grade PEN, with a yellow cap, is an ultra-low viscosity thread locker for wicking into preassembled fasteners, press fits and knurls. It is also suitable for sealing microporosity in welds and castings.

Pratley Pratlok® thread-lockers are available in 50 g bottles for the industrial market and a smaller 10 g bubble pack for the DIY segment.

Visit for more info.

Snickers Workwear’s Certified Kneeguard™ PRO Knee Protection

The long-term effects of working on your knees can cause a lifetime of discomfort and restricted movement. Even the most innocuous bumps to the knees can result in reduced working efficiency and time off work.

Snickers Workwear’s Kneegguard™ PRO system is the market-leading solution to those problems.

It’s a fully certified, trademarked PPE system for knee protection against kneeling injuries and everyday knocks at work. The combination of highly effective Kneepads and the Kneeguard™ PRO positioning system in Snickers Workwear trousers is a crucial combination for reliable knee protection. 

Snickers Workwear also supplies different types of Kneepads to fit different types of trousers which suit different jobs on site. Such as the unique D30® Ergo kneepads which are made of a unique material that moulds around your knee to provide enhanced impact protection. They’re great for tradesmen and women who spend a lot of time working on their knees and want to ensure maximum long-term protection and wellbeing.

ECOM presents Tab-Ex® 03 third generation of its 8-inch Android tablet series

The Pepperl+Fuchs brand ECOM Instruments continues the success story of its 8-inch Tab-Ex® series with the intrinsically safe Tab-Ex® 03 tablet in the DZ2 (for Zone 2/22 & Division 2) and D2 (for Division 2) variants. The successor model to the Tab-Ex® 02 is thus the third generation of Samsung devices in variants for industrial use in hazardous areas. Based on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3, the Tab-Ex® 03 offers state-of-the-art technology for harsh environments as well as Android 11 with update guarantee. Samsung Knox ensures high security for data and devices. The Samsung DeX feature supports a quick switch to the desktop version. In addition, the tablet offers more RAM and external storage than the previous models.

Tab-Ex® 03 DZ2 and D2 delivers industry-leading performance in mobile devices for hazardous areas with a slim and lightweight design. It is easy to operate with gloves or the S Pen stylus. A desktop version as well as peripherals for industrial use make the Tab-Ex® 03 the perfect companion for the modern mobile worker. Digital products and services from ECOM complete the all-round solution. Thus, the Tab-Ex® 03 can be fully adapted to individual requirements and offers optimal support for everyday work.

Convenient Filming and Photographing in ATEX Zone 2: The New ARMADEX OZC Explosion Proof Camera That Fits In Your Pocket

In recent years, a lot of connectivity and smart solutions have been introduced in the ATEX zones. For example Wi-Fi systems, LoRa (driving innovations in industry 4.0) and explosion proof smartphones. However, digital cameras where long left behind. The available products suffered low specifications and were very clunky. Ex-Machinery is proud to solve these issues by introducing their new ATEX Zone 2 Camera.

Specifications & Benefits

The Armadex OZC is capable of taking very high quality images that would not be matched by the latest smartphone. The lightweight, rugged camera features 4K filming (the resolution of a modern flatscreen tv) and 4x slow-motion.

The OZC is extra suitable for using on site, because it comes with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). This technology ensures that the video is stable, even when walking around. This makes for a much clearer and more professional image.

When inspecting sites or conducting maintenance, some parts may be hard to reach. The 5x optical zoom feature ensures lossless zooming both in videos and photographs. In addition to that the camera is equipped with a 2x digital zoom function, making for a total of 10x zoom whilst maintaining great image quality.

Applications and Industries

The Armadex OZC may be used in ATEX Zone 2 (gas). Do not charge the device or change the memory card in the Zone. The camera suits the following applications and industries:


  • Inspections of sites and machinery
  • Remote surveillance using the remote camera shooting function
  • Maintenance logs
  • Shooting promotion material
  • Communication between employees (wireless image transfer)
  • Inspecting moving parts with slow motion video function
  • Stabilized filming when walking and working (OIS Function)

Industries & Common use places

  • Oil & Gas
  • LNG Tankers
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Paint shops
  • Battery rooms
  • Chemical industry
  • Biomass Plants
  • Power Generation


The Armadex OZC comes with a USB charger and EU plug. Other plugs are available on request.  The battery is removable. The OZC comes with 80MB internal memory and an external memory card. Armadex also offers a rugged carrying case in which the camera and charger may be stored safely.

Comparison Table of ATEX Camera

Key Specifications & Features

Armadex OZC

Other Brands


16.4 MP

5.0 MP








Up to 4 times


Remote camera shooting




5 Times Optical, Lossless


Optical Image Stabilization




ATEX Camera vs. Smartphone?

ATEX Smartphones have become more popular in recent years. It is recommended to use the Armadex OZC over a smartphone if:

  • You require high quality images
  • You require high quality video
  • You need a product that is truly rugged
  • Your imaging device is shared by multiple employees


Currently Armadex does not rent out the Armadex OZC in any country or region. The OZC fits any ATEX Rental company’s portfolio well. Interested companies may reach out to us using the contact form on the website.


The Armadex ATEX OZC comes with 1 year carry-in warranty. After inspection a new camera will be shipped free of charge, if our experts conclude that the defect was due to a manufacturing fault.

Availability, delivery time

Please be aware that ATEX is mainly used in the EU. We ship our products worldwide. You may expect to receive your camera within 2 weeks after placing your order, depending on your location.