Data Capture

The February 2010 edition now available to read online.

The February 2010 edition of Engineering Maintenance Solutions magazine is now available to read online. This edition contains articles on achieving best practice in condition monitoring and plant maintenance. As well as special focuses on value driven  maintenance, ATEX Equipment and more as well as the latest industry news and products.


Entry-level data collector

VIBROTIP is an extremely rugged and easy-to-use
hand-held data collector for five key indicators of machine condition. All sensors are built in, with no cumbersome cables or fragile plugs.

VIBCODE (optional) can be used to eliminate mixups of measurement location and type, and OMNITREND PC software automatically archives trend data, issues warnings and alarms and programs VIBROTIP with all desired measurements.

Leading the way with Testo Saveris Continuous data monitoring for temperature and humidity

Testo Saveris Testo Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of the Saveris data monitoring system. The Testo Saveris data logging system continuously monitors temperature and humidity accurately and reliably.  The easy-to-use system automatically measures, documents and issues alarms whenever limit values are exceeded.

Testo Saveris is ideal for:

Data acquisition modules for Palm Tungsten series and m500-series handhelds

ImageDatastick DAS-1254 and DAS-1294 data acquisition modules for Palm Tungsten series handhelds and m500-series handhelds provide four (DAS-1254) or eight (DAS-1294) analog input channels, one digital counter, one digital input line, and two digital output lines. When used with Datastick Connection, Datastick Connection Lite, or Datastick Connection Plus software, these devices provide a complete, real-time data acquisition system

Based on the latest innovative designs from Datastick Systems, the Datastick