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UK-based manufacturer of explosion-proof products, CorDEX Instruments, has signed an agreement with Al Najim Saudi Industrial Company Ltd

The February 2010 edition now available to read online.

The February 2010 edition of Engineering Maintenance Solutions magazine is now available to read online. This edition contains articles on achieving best practice in condition monitoring and plant maintenance. As well as special focuses on value driven  maintenance, ATEX Equipment and more as well as the latest industry news and products.

Hired help can reduce costs

Instrument hire can reduce capital expenditure and provides access to the latest technology. Alan Hasson from Ashtead Technology explains the benefits when focusing on infrared cameras
Through the identification of problems before they occur, predictive maintenance can save substantial amounts of money and protect plant from lengthy delays and down time. As most equipment gets hot before it fails thermal cameras have an important role to play in spotting potential problems.

Thermal cameras find application within almost every industry. They can be used to perform noncontact inspections by scanning and visualising the temperature distribution of machinery and electrical equipment quickly and accurately. Businesses are then able to locate problems or identify 'hotspots' and avoid any costly operational failures or health and safety hazards.

FevIR Scan – Your first line of defence against the H1N1 Swine Flu Outbreak Now available to rent or buy….

Thermoteknix Systems Ltd reacted to the ongoing H1N1 swine flu outbreak with the rapid launch of their new, low-cost FevIR Scan Skin Temperature Measurement system for mass screening of high pedestrian areas such as airports, train stations, factories and other public places. 

The system is shipping immediately ex-stock.  Now Thermoteknix have announced that FevIR Scan is available on a rental basis in mainland UK for a modest monthly fee.The miniature, discreet and ultra portable FevIR Scan Skin Temperature Monitoring system provides peace of mind with high speed sensitive temperature measurement for high volume pedestrian transit areas. 

NEC F30 Thermo Shot Infrared Thermal Imager

Introducing the F30 Thermo Shot, the latest Thermal Imager from NEC AVIO, with a difference. Size! This latest camera is pocket sized and ultra light weight, meaning you can take it anywhere and not only does this camera look and feel like a standard compact digital camera, its user operation is very much the same.

Making it very user friendly. No need to read the user guide for this camera! Running on rechargeable AA batteries and saving analysable Visual / Thermal data in JPEG format to SD Card, makes this camera an ideal choice for any Thermographer's equipment case and for those who do not like the orange colour, there is also a choice of Blue or Black.

New Fluke Ti25 and Ti10 Thermal Imagers put problems clearly in the picture

Fluke Europe B.V., the European sales and service organization of Fluke Corporation, the global leader in handheld electronic test and measurement technology, today announced the high-performance Fluke Ti25 and Fluke Ti10 Thermal Imagers.

Built to withstand harsh work environments, the Fluke Ti25 and Ti10 are designed as a complete, effective and easy-to-use thermal imaging solution for everyday troubleshooting and maintenance of electrical installations, electro-mechanical equipment, process equipment, HVAC/R equipment and other industrial and electrical equipment.

New Fluke Ti32, the global leader in handheld electronic test and measurement equipment, has introduced the Fluke Ti32 and TiR32 Thermal Imagers:

•    The Fluke Ti32 Industrial Thermal Imager is designed and priced to deliver unprecedented performance for troubleshooting and preventive maintenance of electrical installations, electro-mechanical equipment, process equipment, HVAC/R equipment and more.

•    The Fluke TiR32 Thermal Imager for Building Diagnostics is designed and priced to deliver unprecedented performance for building envelope, energy audit, restoration and remediation, inspection and roofing professionals.

Samsung Techwin launch thermal imaging camera Techwin has introduced the STC-14, a fixed thermal imaging camera with a built-in 14mm lens and 4x digital zoom suitable for effective detection over large areas.

Unlike traditional cameras that rely on light to see images, thermal cameras pick up heat signatures of subjects and objects so are unaffected by extreme conditions such as complete darkness, harsh weather, bright lights, fog and smoke. This makes the STC-14 suitable for use in a wide range of high security environments such as airports, coastlines, prisons and ports. The STC-14 is particularly powerful for perimeter protection over large areas.

New Flir GF Series

GF 320 Series

INFRARED CAMERAS FOR GAS LEAK DETECTION AND FURNACE INSPECTION.  FLIR GasFindIR revolutionary infrared cameras find greenhouse gas emissions or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are unbeatable for detecting even the smallest gas leaks.

Visualize Gas Leaks in Real Time

FLIR GF-Series cam

eras are increasingly being adopted by plants across the world for the visualization and documentation of gas leaks. A FLIR gas detection camera can scan large areas rapidly and pinpoint leaks in real time. It is ideal for monitoring plant that is difficult to reach with contact measurement tools and literally thousands of components can be scanned per shift without the need to interrupt the process. It reduces repair downtime and provides verification of the process. And above all it is exceptionally safe, allowing potentially dangerous leaks to be monitored from several meters away.


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