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ICS Cool Energy Purchases Tricool Engineering

ICS Cool Energy has acquired Tricool Engineering as part of its strategy to increase market penetration and expand its temperature controlled products and services to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

Established in 1978, Tricool Engineering has grown to become the UK

Free Cooling Chiller Rental

European Chiller Rental specialist, Cool Energy, has successfully launched their latest range of energy-saving chillers which feature integral free cooling coils

EcoCooling Provides Energy efficient

Wharehouse CoolingMany warehouses are now suffering the effects of heat, particularly in areas where mezzanine floors have been built.  Also many pharmaceutical products now need to be stored at temperatures below 250C  to comply with the requirements of the MHRA. Previously this temperature has only been properly achieved and maintained using expensive refrigeration-based air conditioning systems because simple ventilation systems are not able to match this standard. EcoCooling can now offer a balanced evaporatively-cooled ventilation scheme which can ensure full compliance.

18 EcoCoolers were installed in a large pharmaceutical warehouse in Orleans France. The coolers were linked to a common control system which monitors temperature at multiple levels in the warehouse. A combination of ventilation, evaporative cooling and air throughput are regulated by an integral control system to meet temperature criteria.


packaged chillersNeed equipment for your cooling process or new air conditioning project? 
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