Free Cooling Chiller Rental

European Chiller Rental specialist, Cool Energy, has successfully launched their latest range of energy-saving chillers which feature integral free cooling coils

They have now successfully completed their trials for the ARIES range, which has been designed to utilise the low-ambient weather conditions across northern Europe.

We can now offer this range of chillers with scroll technology, which includes an integral free cooling coil. The chillers will offer free cooling in low ambient conditions which we expect for more than 30 weeks in a typical year and during the evening/night time.

The free cooling is utilised in these periods offering average power savings of up to 40% by operating the chillers fans to draw cooler air over a separate coil – prior to using the chiller itself. A motorised 3-way valve operates between the two to regulate the water temperature required.

We anticipate that our customers will be able to make a good cost savings by renting these units over winter periods,” concluded Russell Wilson.

Cool Energy, who has recently opened a sales office in Dublin, can be contacted on: or Freephone 0800 169 3861.