UKCA Ex Deadlines shift…Again!

BEIS has once again issued new guidance as the UKCA Requirements as they continue to change just weeks before the mandatory implementation date.

Legislation has again been prepared to extend the date on which UKCA Marking becomes mandatory. UKCA Ex marking still the official mark for the UK, but manufacturers can use ATEX Certification or UKCA Ex Certification in the UK if the legislation passes for an extended period.

• ATEX equipment permitted into GB until 31 December 2024. During the period the EU will unilaterally decide what the ATEX rule are for the UK and what Standards are accepted in the UK.
• ATEX Notified Body assessment performed before 31 December 2024, can be used as the basis for UKCA marking until 31 December 2027 (it is assumed at this stage that any variation or QAN expiry will require UKCA before 2027 and that UK Designated Standards will be required)
• Importer’s name and address should be added to the product. It can be on a sticky or removable label until 31 December 2027

Requirements are changing on an almost monthly basis, so please check directly with the UK Government before deciding what you need (or just get UKCA and ATEX to be sure!). This new legislation must still be passed by parliament(so it could change again) but it has left UK Manufacturers (most of whom have already have the UKCA Marking Certification as the deadline was weeks away) and UKCA Appointed Bodies for issuing UKCA Certification totally bemused.

Since BREXIT it is the EU now decides what countries can issue Notified Body Certificates such as ATEX that will be accepted in the UK. It does not have to be countries in the EU- It is entirely the EU's decision where Notified Bodies can be- Turkey, Canada...everywhere but the UK!

The United Kingdom are now accepting a scheme we are not part of, have no input into and no influence over…we have ‘handed full control to the EU’ in a one-way agreement with no mutual acceptance or formal agreement.


Written by 

Sean Clarke CEng MSc FIET is the Managing Director of ExVeritas Limited. 

ExVeritas provides Product Certification, Management System Certification, CompEx Certification and Site Safety Servicesand are a UK Government Appointed Body for UKCA ‘Ex’,an ATEX Notified Body and an IECEx Certification Body and Test Laboratory

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