Safer and Faster Chain Cutting with Enerpac Electric Cutters

Enerpac announces the ECCE-Series Electric Chain Cutters providing a faster, safer and more precise method than cutting with torches, angle grinders and cut-off tools. Capable of cutting 25mm chain in 35 seconds, and up to 16mm chain in just 6 seconds, the portable tools are ideal for cutting high-strength industrial chain.

Until now, chain cutting has typically involved torches, angle grinders and cut-off tools. The introduction of flames, shooting sparks, dust and smoke into the workplace is potentially hazardous, requiring operators to wear specialised PPE, including flame retardant clothing and respirators. The ECCE-Series Electric Chain Cutters provides a safer method of cutting for both the cutter operative and those close by.

The ECCE26 Chain Cutter weighs 25kg allowing it to be easily transported to the worksite. With a capacity of 312kN, ECCE26 applications range from 25mm grade 70 and grade 80 chain up to 13mm grade 100 chain. The lightweight cutter offers safe and precise general-purpose chain cutting.

The higher capacity ECCE32 Chain Cutter weighs 48kg and has a capacity of 471kN. It can be used for chain up to 32mm grade 70, 25mm grade 80 and 19mm grade 100. It is ideal for specific cutting applications including grade 100 chains, such as those used for overhead lifting. 

Minimal Effort

The highly durable blades on Enerpac chain cutters can tackle a wide variety of chain – from small, low-grade chains to large, heavy-duty chains - all while maintaining effectiveness throughout rigorous use. Powered by a single or double acting hydraulic cylinder, Enerpac chain cutters move through difficult cutting tasks with speed and ease.

Maximum Safety

The ECCE-Series Electric Chain Cutters feature a transparent safety guard to protect hands and allow continuous monitoring for better management of the cutting process. In addition, the cutters produce minimal vibration, helping prevent HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome). A lifting handle and eyebolt enable easy positioning and transport.

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