Enerpac Announces 100-Ton Capacity Sync Grip Puller for Shaft Bearings and Gears Removal

Enerpac announces a new 100-ton capacity hydraulic Sync Grip Puller for the safe and controlled removal of bearings, bushing, gears and pins from shafts during vehicle and machinery maintenance. 

As with all pullers in the Sync Grip line, the new 100-Ton SGH100 model features simple, synchronous movement. The sync grip mechanism synchronises movement of all jaws for simultaneous engagement, enhancing the operator’s control over the tool and simplifying set-up. Hydraulic puller jaws fit around the part to be removed, while the spindle applies up to 100 tons of force to remove it. Hydraulically applied pulling force increases pulling capacity and reduces operator fatigue, enabling quicker and easier operation.

The largest in the Enerpac Sync Grip Puller series, the SGH100 100-Ton puller eliminates the need to cut, heat, or torch components during removal from shafts. The puller removes parts without subjecting them to open flame, which could damage parts or injure the operator. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, the puller provides 100 tons of pulling force at a fraction of the price compared to alternative options.

The Enerpac SGH100 puller’s synchronous feature makes positioning the puller simple and helps prevent misalignment. Threaded spindle and jaw indexes provide adjustable reach for applications including pulling, pushing and dismounting gears, bearings, bushings, and more.

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