“Whatever the weather, business must go on” say Hart

With a significant number of major storms hitting the UK, Climate Change inevitably raises its threatening head yet again writes Nick Hart, managing director, Hart Door Systems.

As an island the UK’s climate has always been influenced by its surrounding seas and the near Continent, be it Scandinavia or Europe. There are however subtle changes afoot as demonstrated by the 10 named storms between September 2023 and the end of January 2024 which most recently included warnings of isolated Tornados hitting us.

Under this process of change what does this mean for industry? We at Hart Door Systems lead the way in taking on the storm threat through our high-speed Speedor range of highspeed doors in particular with our Speedor Storm which has been specifically designed to face the storm challenge.

The automated Speedor Storm has wind resistance on a large external openings in mind, up to 6m x 8m or 8m x 6m. Available up to class 5 as defined by DIN EN 12424, the best maximum test pressure capable of withstanding 1250 Pa of pressure across the door face, the equivalent of wind in excess of 70 miles per hour.

The smaller the door the higher the wind speed it can withstand as all Speedor Storms have the same construction. If a client wants a door capable of even higher wind-loads than wind-class 5 then we offer the Typhoon door which can meet either a 3000Pa specification or a 4000Pa and can be made up to eight meters wide. This product is ideal for very high wind-load situations and is why it’s been so successful in the Far East where they regularly experience tropical Cyclones.

Most recently Hart despatched an SR4 roller shutter for Indonesia. It is presently at sea around South Africa due to Red Sea security issues. When it arrives this very high security shutter with rapid door operation will be installed by the client with technical video support from Hart’s headquarters at key stages of the installation process. 

Returning to the issue of climate, clearly there is a need for industry to pay attention to accelerating storm threats because manufacturing and subsequent product distribution generates frequent use of industrial doors. If not automated, doors can be left open disrupting the working environment and wasting expensively heated air. Whatever the weather, business must go on.


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