Spares management - a complex issue. management is a complex issue for manufacturers, almost regardless of the sector in which they are operating. Rapid access to spares is of course vital to maintaining continuity of production and avoiding costly downtime.

However, not only are the required spares often of low value and required infrequently, but the sheer range of components to which a plant needs to have access can be daunting. And, for many, that range of products means dealing with a multitude of suppliers across different product areas – from bearings and mechanical power transmission to hydraulics, pneumatics, tools and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Brammer employs over 2,500 people in more than 300 locations in 16 countries, making them a leading pan- European distributor of bearings, belts & pulleys, chains & sprockets, linear motion, motors, seals, gearboxes, pneumatics, hydraulics, clutches & couplings, tools, maintenance and health & safety

This unique pan-European scale allows Brammer to offer a single source supply of all the world’s leading brands. Brammer offers competitive pricing through buying power and excellent levels of product availability through the most extensive stock holding in Europe.

Despite this scale across Europe, Brammer is totally committed to operating locally – A strong local presence enables Brammer to remain responsive to local requirements and offer a tailor made service adapted to specific needs.

Brammer understands that different industries have different needs and our extensive experience means Brammer can offer the right products and services in any environment.

Adding value at every turn

In today's increasingly competitive business environment, you need more than just an MRO distributor who can supply products when you want them at a competitive price. You need added value at every turn. Brammer is a professional and proven supplier.

Brammer can provide excellent local service to support your production operations, while applying our expertise and experience to help you to reduce costs on an ongoing basis. Brammer have identified key areas in which Brammer can add real value through a range of cost-saving MRO services.:

•    Reduce total acquisition costs
•    Improve production effciency
•    Reduce working capital
•    Insite Services
•    24/7/365
•    Energy Savings
•    Vendor managed inventory
•    NDC Workshop Services
•    Gearbox Repair
•    Pump Repair & Maintenance
All of this, of course, is offered 24/7/365 through our extensive UK Sales and Service Centre network.

Brammer and your industry

Brammer has extensive experience of working with almost all industries right across Europe. Hundreds of manufacturers have selected Brammer for their maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) requirements. Our experience means Brammer understand the special needs that relate specifically to your business and production processes.

Brammer know how important environmental issues such as energy conservation and waste costs are to you and your business. Brammer realise the Health & Safety demands and understand the need to maintain production lines running 24/7/365.

Brammer understand what impacts these issues have on you MRO requirements and how Brammer can apply our experience to provide you with the best MRO support, meaning you always have the right part, at the right time for your specific needs.


With over 2,100,000 product lines available from the world’s most respected and reliable manufacturers, Supply includes quality bearings, belts & pulleys, chains & sprockets, linear motion, motors, seals, gearboxes, pneumatics, hydraulics, clutches & couplings, tools & maintenance and health & safety products for your key production and operational processes.

Even if the part is unrecognisable Brammer can help. By accessing even limited parametric information, our Technical Sales and Support team can source and advise you or your team on specific products or applications.

The 2009 Brammer Essential Maintenance Catalogue is Brammer's biggest ever, containing more than 1,600 pages and more than 46,000 products.

The catalogue contains information on bearings, seals and electrical and mechanical power transmission, hydraulics, pneumatics and general maintenance products. It also offers useful advice on reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint through motor management, variable speed drives (VSDs) and compressed-air audits.

It contains information about Brammer's National Distribution Centre workshop and regionally located repair centres. All products detailed in the catalogue are available through Brammer's UK network of 90 sales and service centres, each of which hold substantial stock and offer technical support and expertise.