Simplifying Purge & Pressurization

Expo Technologies is excited to announce the latest addition to our range of purge & pressurization systems – the SmartPurge Z.

While Purge & Pressurization is one of the simplest approved protection methods for electrical enclosures in hazardous areas, many purge systems are complicated to specify, and even more complex to install and commission.

The SmartPurge Z has been designed to be one of the simplest systems while offering all the capabilities electrical panel builders and OEMs are looking for.

One unit

Many purge systems comprise multiple elements, typically the control system, vent valve, and inlet valve. The SmartPurge Z has combined all of these elements into one unit, avoiding potential errors in specifying, and allowing for simple, fast installation.

One input

With the SmartPurge Z there is no complex set-up process, with flow curves and multiple parameter inputs. There is only one thing to set – the purge time – and that only takes a few seconds.

One size

The purge flow rate of the SmartPurge Z has been optimised to suit the most frequently used enclosure sizes. For ATEX/IECEx certified applications, requiring 5 air changes, the system can purge enclosures up to 2.1m3 in volume in 30 minutes or less. Purge times up to 99 minutes can be selected, allowing it to purge even larger enclosures.

No further adjustment

After the purge is complete, a key capability of the SmartPurge Z is to automatically adjust the leakage compensation flow rate to maintain a constant enclosure pressure. This eliminates time-consuming manual set-up, as well as reducing the consumption of purge gas.

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