No more pipe cleaning and steaming

Inline tools like the Enerpac MITT series create a positive seal against the inside of a pipe for vapour-barriers during hot work and/or for pressure testing new welds during maintenance operations.

Cleaning and steaming can be eliminated since pipes do not have to be completely gas free. Inline tools provide sealing capability with the ability to monitor throughout hot work activities via hydrostatic pressure. They also provide venting capabilities with the ability to monitor upstream pressure build up.


When it comes to localised weld testing, inline tools reduce system downtime and increase worksite safety by minimising test medium volume. In addition, they save time and reduce costs by limiting the test area to only the new weld or welded component.

The new MITT series tools are the lightest weight tools on the market with higher test pressure capacity than any other mechanically actuated tools. The low profile, durable, aluminium construction allows one operator to lift, isolate and test behind elbows and tees with standard off-the-shelf tools. The MITT series tools are dual-purpose (isolation and hydrotest) tools that outperform other inline tools with more pipe schedules covered per tool, inexpensive seals and seal backing rings.

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