Hart’s Speedors meet requirements


Four Speedor high-speed doors have been installed by Hart Door Systems at a major frozen and cooked meat manufacturing in northern England. The doors, at just 1.5m wide and 1.95m high, are the second smallest Speedors ever manufactured by Hart.

“The contract demonstrates two things,” says Gordon Kipling, regional sales manager for Hart. “Not only is our Speedor range available in distinctly different types of doors but where applicable the doors can be available in reduced sizes for precise requirements.

“In this case there was a need to protect the production environment against drafts, humidity, dust and dirt by installing our Speedor Cleanroom with its fast opening and closing speed. Our pharmaceutical standard Cleanroom Speedors control airflow thus reducing contaminants.”

Designed specifically for manufacturing and research facilities, Speedor Cleanroom works in strictly controlled environments where hygiene standards are high, such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, electronics and micro-mechanics industries.

The main features of Speedor Cleanroom include maintaining strict air leakage requirements over specified pressure differentials. Complete with an intelligent control panel with digital display each Cleanroom has a reliable and clean in-line drive system complete with an integral safety brake and a non-touch safety light curtain ensures maximum protection to personnel.

Seals minimise pressure drops and protect the manufacturing environment against drafts, humidity, dust and dirt.

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