ESI proudly commemorates three decades of excellence with the 30th anniversary celebration of the SOS sensor!


For over 30 years, Silicon-on-Sapphire (SOS) sensor technology has stood as a cornerstone within ESI's lineup, defining the very essence of reliability and precision in intrinsically safe pressure transmitters. This innovative technology has played a pivotal role in ensuring steadfast and accurate measurements amidst the challenges posed by hazardous environments. Through the symbiotic fusion of silicon's sensing prowess and sapphire's unyielding resilience, the SOS sensor has emerged as an unparalleled solution, conquering the harsh realities of hazardous applications.

The SOS sensor harnesses the extraordinary properties of both silicon and sapphire, culminating in unparalleled performance. Sapphire, renowned for its exceptional durability, chemical inertness, and resistance to extreme temperatures, provides an impervious shield against corrosive chemicals, abrasive substances, and soaring temperatures. Meanwhile, silicon, meticulously grown onto the surface of the sapphire substrate, furnishes the sensor with unmatched sensitivity and precision. This harmonious marriage of materials ensures long-term reliability, even in the most unforgiving environments.

Intrinsically safe pressure transmitters, fortified with Silicon-on-Sapphire Technology, assume a pivotal role in hazardous environments where the spectre of explosion looms large. In such precarious settings, safety reigns supreme, and intrinsically safe devices stand as guardians against potential calamities. ESI's pressure transmitters, not only meet stringent safety standards, but also deliver unwaveringly accurate and dependable pressure measurements, instilling confidence in even the most challenging conditions.

The intrinsic electrical insulation properties of sapphire serve as a linchpin in achieving intrinsic safety. With its exceptional insulating characteristics, sapphire forms an impenetrable barrier, thwarting the passage of electric current and mitigating the risk of sparking or overheating. This inherent safety feature renders SOS sensors inherently safer for use in explosive atmospheres compared to their conventional counterparts.

Furthermore, Silicon-on-Sapphire technology empowers ESI to craft pressure transmitters boasting a compact footprint without compromising performance. The slender yet robust nature of the SOS sensor facilitates the development of smaller, lighter devices, simplifying installation and maintenance in confined spaces within industrial settings.

As industries steadfastly prioritise safety and precision in their operations, ESI’s SOS technology stands poised at the vanguard of intrinsically safe pressure transmitter solutions, offering a steadfast and enduring solution for critical applications. With three decades of innovation behind us, ESI remains committed to pushing the boundaries of excellence, ensuring that our SOS sensors continue to set the standard for reliability and precision in hazardous environments.



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