Clean-up Without Trip Hazards

A clean work space is essential for health and safety, and the best tool for general cleaning up dust and loose product in the workplace is an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner. However, the vast majority of machines need to be plugged in to a power outlet, which necessitates appropriately positioned power outlets, and a trailing cable which itself presents a hazard.

Quirepace have introduced the IV62 eGX into the range of BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners to eliminate this risk. This is a powerful battery powered unit which, as standard, is provided with a 3-stage filtration dry product tank consisting of a paper sack collection, microfibre main filter and 3rd stage HEPA filter. This configuration is suitable for most dry-product collection applications. The unit may be configured as both M-Class and H-Class rated units.

The unique Honda eGX electric engine is designed to replace petrol engines in the 2.5hp class and provides more than adequate power to run the BVC YP3 exhauster unit at full design speed. This new machine is designated BVC IV62 eGX.

The Honda eGX variable speed drive allows the operator to set the run-speed for the optimum performance for the job in hand. At full power the IV62 eGX has a runtime of 30 minutes, and at slower speed this can be extended to over 2 hours. The eGX fast charger provides 80% charge in 1 hour and 100% charge in 1.5 hours, making continuous running possible with spare batteries.

The BVC IV62 eGX makes it possible to clean up the industrial workplace without the hassle and hazard of trailing cables and availability of appropriate power outlets. Instantly available power combined with a large collection volume means that it has never been easier to maintain the cleanliness of the workplace

Quirepace Ltd

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