British Made Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for Hazardous Dusts


Hazards from dusts and spilled product fall in to two distinct categories; the first is dusts that are hazardous to health. This category includes obvious products like asbestos and silica dust, but any dust that can be breathed in by the operator or other personnel in the workplace is likely to be hazardous to health to a degree. Industrial Vacuum Cleaners with M-Class and H-Class filtration ensures hazardous dusts are appropriately handled when being recovered.

The second category is dusts that are hazardous in the environment. The obvious category is dusts that can potentially cause an explosive atmosphere, particularly organic products like sugar and flour. Some products fall in to both categories such as wood dusts, which are both hazardous to health and potentially explosive. ATEX rated Industrial Vacuum Cleaners must be specified for use in ATEX zones.

Selecting an appropriate Industrial Vacuum Cleaner requires careful consideration of the potential hazards which then informs the specification of the machine. BVC – British Vacuum Cleaners is the leading brand of British manufactured industrial vacuum cleaners. Manufactured by Quirepace in Fareham, Hampshire the range includes both M-Class and H-Class machines for dusts hazardous to health and ATEX rated equipment suitable to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Quirepace’s extensive knowledge combined with our experienced sales team, UK manufacture, and local service and spares support, means that BVC UK manufactured Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, with their 5-year parts warranty, deliver excellent durability and value for money in the industrial environment.

In addition to portable equipment, Quirepace also design and install fixed installations for Central Vacuum Cleaning, where multiple outlets are served by central plant through a network of fixed pipework.

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