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Thorne & Derrick - Reducing cable failures caused by sub-standard cable jointing

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ja 17 29Thorne & Derrick - Reducing cable failures caused by sub-standard cable jointing

Power supplied by electric cables is the lifeblood of the oil and gas industry: uninterrupted power ensures oil and gas production, processing, transportation, storage and distribution. However, cables are vulnerable to damage and degradation in harsh onshore and offshore operating conditions.

Cable failure is catastrophic. Cable related problems are costly and are often caused by inadequate risk identification, (Read More) 

sub-standard design or deficiencies in installation technique.

Whatever your currency, cable failures cost millions. The financial costs, both direct and consequential, can be painfully calculated. The reputational loss is immeasurable.

Unplanned shutdowns or suspended production caused by electrical power outages associated with cable failures can and does inflict devastating revenue losses on the oil and gas industry.

3M have a proven history in providing tested and trusted solutions for the jointing and terminating of cables in the oil and gas industry.  

Thorne & Derrick are 3M’s largest UK stockist for their range of 3M Scotchcast Cable Joints, Terminations & Abandonment Kits for installation in safe or hazardous area zones encountered in the oil and gas industry.

Consequently, T&D are regularly requested to provide specification guidance and technical support for the cable jointing of power, control and instrumentation cables in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas.