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Mobexx – The Leading ATEX Computer Solutions Supplier

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june 17 17Mobexx – The Leading ATEX Computer Solutions Supplier

Potentially explosive environments occur with the presence of dust, vapours or gases that have the potential to ignite and cause an explosion, and are referred to as ATEX areas.

In industries like Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Surface Coatings (paint, etc), milk drying and distilleries, to name a few, ATEX areas are unavoidable.  Using only ATEX certified equipment in these area is not only a statutory requirement, (Read More) 

but can prevent accidents and loss of life.

Historically pen and paper has been the easiest way to capture data in ATEX areas. This is because non ATEX Certified computers have the potential to generate energy with voltages or temperatures of a magnitude that could ignite the atmosphere and potentially cause an explosion.  

At Mobexx we understand that changing times and advancement in technology has made finding simple to use computer solutions that work safely and efficiently in an ATEX environment a must, and now a reality.

Mobexx ATEX computers

  • Transition from pen and paper to improve efficiency and speed of data capture
  • Real time communication to ensure timely response and increased safety
  • Efficient and quick input of data in real time to increase productivity
  • Easy integration with existing systems using Windows based ATEX tablets such as Aegex 10 for rapid deployment
  • iPhone and iPad compatible ATEX cases to enable IOS corporate systems to be utilised in ATEX areas using standard hardware to ease training and user acceptance

Our latest addition to the line-up is the XCZ1 ATEX Zone 1 Case for iPad Mini 4.

This ground-breaking product enables the use of standard iPad Mini 4 tablets in Zone 1 hazardous areas, so enabling organisations that have standardised on IOS solutions to take mobility into all areas the workforce goes.

Already adopted by some global organisations the XCZ1 allows fast deployment into hazardous areas.
Mobexx is Xciel’s European Distributor and is accredited to provide installation service for the XCZ1, as well as all other Xciel cases.
At Mobexx we work with our channel partners to provide end users with computer solutions that are tailor-made for your business and are cost effective.  As a specialist supplier, our strengths lie in our in-depth understanding of our products and our close relations with both our manufacturers and partners.  Our in-house team is always available to answer any technical questions that our partners and users have.

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