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Petrel Ltd provides a one stop solution for hazardous area lighting with LED products and a lighting design service all under one roof

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april 17 24Petrel Ltd provides a one stop solution for hazardous area lighting with LED products and a lighting design service all under one roof

The business operates in accordance with the ATEX directive which defines the mandatory requirements for manufacturers and users of all hazardous area equipment sold in (but not restricted to) the European Union which must have applicable ATEX certificates. (Read More)


Other countries accept the IECEx standard, which is derived from similar principles. As manufacturers Petrel design and construct products using a variety of different techniques and protection concepts to provide safety from ignition sources. These include for some products, the complete encapsulation of electrical and electronic components into resin or a similar nonconductive compound. In addition to the rigorous technical requirements demanded by the appropriate standards for each type of protection concept, the ATEX Directive imposes additional requirements on the certificate holder in terms of quality system, product documentation, installation information, possible limitations of use in the relation to its intended environment, labelling information etc.

Rightly proud of the “designed and made in Britain” status from a location in Birmingham UK, the Petrel manufacturing facility has an experienced team of assembly operators and wherever possible, local suppliers are utilised to ensure that supply chain partnerships remain flexible and adaptable to the changing demands of customers and markets around the world. Alongside a strong value proposition of quality design and production, this flexibility in manufacturing supports a particular emphasis on short lead times to provide customers with a highly competitive solution.

During recent years the emergence of LED technology as a viable light source has driven considerable change throughout the entire lighting industry, providing more efficient and reliable lighting with a dramatic reduction in maintenance requirements. Petrel has embraced this technology shift and has used its in-house product design capability combined with more than 30 years’ experience in hazardous area lighting, to develop a wide range of robust and durable LED lighting products.

A truly versatile product range is available covering both fixed and portable lighting solutions for a wide range of applications in Zones 1/21, 2/22 alongside a number of products suitable for general Industrial areas. Traditional lamp technologies are still available together with a wide range of LED products, in formats that include Linear, Wellglass, Bulkhead and Floodlight.

Recently, two innovative new products have been designed and added to the portfolio. The first of these is a highly durable portable LED work light, designed to withstand the harshest of hazardous area environments. Certified for use in Zone 1/21 the IP67 rated PLX portable was launched in 2016, and has quickly become the product of choice on a large number of Oil & Gas and Ministry of Defence sites. The very latest product to be added is a high performance Area Light which is available as a Zone 1/21, or 2/22, or as an Industrial variant. With a light output up to 24,000 lumens at 150W, this brand new product has class leading design, performance and efficiency.

With many years of experience in helping customers find the right lighting solution Petrel has recently launched a Lighting design service to complement its market leading range of products. Using cutting edge Relux visualisation software and AutoCad packages our design consultants are able to produce accurate and dynamic renderings with full 3D realisation of any project to ensure the most cost effective design is achieved. This free of charge service also includes full site surveys where appropriate or simply producing a design from existing site measurements.

More information about any Petrel products and services can be found at:
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Petrel Ltd is a UK manufacturer of Lighting and Control Equipment for use in hazardous area applications.