Secure and easy: one-in-all solution for mobile workers

ecom, a Pepperl+Fuchs brand, is expanding its range of mobile devices with accessories to create a future-proof solution for usage in harsh environments. The focus is on a holistic and cross-product concept. With special charging solutions, a versatile mounting concept and innovative peripherals such as the intrinsically safe thermal video camera Cube 800 and the Smart-Ex Watch® 01, ecom offers a consistent system for maximum practicability and functionality in the mobile worker’s daily work routine.


Hence, ecom's intrinsically safe devices have also been chosen as the winner of the Hazardex Award 2020 in the category “PPTex Innovation”, i.e. Personal Protection Technologies for hazardous areas. The prize was awarded for the company's wide range of mobile devices, accessories, peripherals and digital services, which were developed specifically for hazardous areas and offer employees the highest level of security as well as ease of use.

Hands-free usage for greater flexibility

The mobile devices by ecom – the smartphone Smart-Ex® 02 and Ex-Handy 10 – which have been specially developed for tough industrial use in hazardous areas of ATEX zones 1/21 and Division 1 (e.g. chemical plants, refineries or oil platforms) as well as zones 2/22 and Division 2, are currently the most advanced intrinsically safe devices to use.

Thanks to a versatile mounting plate concept, the 12.7 cm (5") display of the extremely robust Smart-Ex® 02 can always be mounted exactly where the mobile worker needs it for the current job. This enables safe hands-free operation during every step of the work process, even in narrow spaces or on ladders. The mobile worker can attach the Smart-Ex® 02 securely to his arm, belt or cradle. This way he always has a direct view on work orders and messages – without restricting his freedom of movement. The belt clip and hand loop hold the device securely on the worker's body during all work steps. That way, the fall protection not only safeguards the equipment, but also colleagues or fragile equipment.

Special chargers for industrial use

With the Battery Pack Charger Ex-BP S02 battery packs can be charged easily and worldwide. This way it is possible to charge additional batteries while the device itself is in use, which allows a 24/7 use of one device as well as its usage by several employees in shift work.

Thanks to support for 21 LTE frequency bands, simlock-free delivery and global certifications the Smart-Ex® 02 is already usable worldwide and enables global rollouts. Combined with the TC S02 Travel Charger it gains additional benefits: rollouts become faster due to country-specific plugs and companies save costs on additional accessories.

Due to pogo pins, the DS S02 docking station ensures a reliable connection, even with frequent, rough handling and soiling. The pogo pin’s special plug mechanism resists shocks and vibrations. The charging equipment is completed by the robust Charging Cable PC S02. As all charging devices are designed for later additions to the range of ecom's intrinsically safe smartphones, users benefit from a sustainable solution.

Highly flexible due to matching smartwatch as well as HD and infrared camera

The intuitive operation of the Smart-Ex® 02 as well as the Tab-Ex 02® via push-to-talk and alarm buttons, volume control and camera release button has recently been supplemented by two peripheral devices specifically adapted to the devices. In addition, to its sole worker protection functions the Smart-Ex® Watch 01 now offers an additional form of hands-free communication, which increases protection of employees: hands-free navigation via advanced voice control or wrist gestures simplify operation, while a rotating bezel allows scrolling through apps and commands even when wearing gloves. Thanks to integrated GPS, Glonass and motion sensors, the Smart-Ex Watch® 01 supports its wearer in an industrial environment. The mobile device can also remain in the clip during usage and is therefore perfectly secured.

Cube 800, ecom’s first portable and intrinsically safe infrared and HD video camera for zone 1/21 and Division 1 developed in cooperation with Librestream, also matches with the Smart-Ex® 02 portfolio. Combined with the intrinsically safe Smart-Ex, industrial workers can remotely control the camera, display HD videos and thermal images or record images and videos from a safe distance and comment in real-time. Only recently the camera was extended by a temperature scanning function. Now it is not only possible to monitor plants, production lines, and critical infrastructures for heat sources, but one can also check people for increased body temperature. Thanks to the smooth interplay of terminal device and camera, usage is convenient for the workers. That way, critical areas on plants can be identified more quickly and repair measures can be initiated immediately.

Ease of usage thanks to full service

The new charging and carrying solutions, which complement the Smart-Ex® 02 and Ex-Handy 10, provide companies with integrated solutions and mobile workers with more security in the daily usage of their ex-certified smartphones. The quality control of the devices in Germany as well as the worldwide support from Pepperl+Fuchs also ensure safety during operation. Short distances to the service technicians guarantee rapid assistance. Furthermore, users benefit from the collaboration with ecom's system engineers, who provide support in case of changing requirements.

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