SHAPA Technical Paper

The SHAPA Technical Committee regularly reviews technical papers & presentations which it recommends to its members for technical advice.

In July 2005 they published a whitepaper entitled, "Practical Guidance for Suppliers and Operators of Solid Handling Equipment for Potentially Explosive Dusts". This article was subsequently reviewed in July 2014.


Since that review a number of important changes have taken place in respect to the ATEX directive and the introduction of IECEx Certification of Non-Electrical Equipment.

So, in August 2019, SHAPA again reviewed and updated the paper to take account of these changes. They provide a well written, informative and practical guide that is still relevant as we move into a new decade.

Rather than rewriting the guide SHAPA instead draws attention to the changes in legislation since its original publication and subsequent review. The article now lists the important changes in the legislation with a brief explaination of each.

If you need to keep up-to-date with the ATEX Directives, then this is the guide for you.