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MacClancy and Sons Ltd
Station House, 6 Newton Road
ML10 6BQ

Safety Our Priority

MacClancy and Sons Ltd, are a family run business, providing your industry with the best Explosion Protection equipment for the best price.

We offer high-quality Explosion Protection and Spark Protection equipment from our wide range of Vent Panels, Flameless Vents and Isolation Valves as well as Sensors, Environmental and Safety Protection and our NEW Raptor Spark detection kits.

The products we provide are competitively priced thanks to our exclusive contract to supply the UK with VigilEx® Safety Protection  and Raptor Spark® equipment. Everything we supply is fully EN, ATEX & NFPA certified for all types of combustible dust up to 250Kst. Rest assured that our manufacturing partners lead the way in safety protection, improving certification testing to reflect real world conditions and improve the latest standards.

For detailed information on VigilEx® and Raptor Spark® equipment and accessories, or for a quote, please email




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Tel : +4407884350337
Fax :
Email : info@macclancyandsons.co.uk
Web : https://macclancyandsons.com/

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