Ex-Machinery Explosion Proof Equipment B.V.
Tinstraat 33
The Netherlands

Ex-Machinery Explosion Proof Equipment B.V., based in the Netherlands, is trusted by clients worldwide as a reputable manufacturer of ATEX certified equipment.

Ex-Machinery’s extensive ATEX expertise did grow over the years. Originally, from 2003, as an ATEX and explosion safety consultancy company. Today as a manufacturer of ATEX equipment.
Ex-Machinery manufactures explosion proof HVAC for ATEX zone 1, 2 and 22 and ATEX Wi-Fi systems. ATEX air conditioners, heaters, Wi-Fi antennas and Wi-Fi access points represent the main product range. Bespoke solutions like ATEX modifications of machinery for the process industry like a fluid bed or heater for an industrial mixer are also part of Ex-Machinery’s portfolio. IECEx qualified staff guarantees high quality solutions, in full compliance with the ATEX safety standards.

Contact Details

Tel : +31 78 654 95 02
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Email : info@ex-machinery.com
Web : http://www.ex-machinery.com

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