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Ruggedized explosion-protected proximity switches with CSA approval for North America

EGE now also supplies the intrinsically safe inductive sensors IGEXa, IGEXHa, IGEXPa and IGEXUa as well as the evaluation device IKMb 122 Ex as versions certified according to CSA. The ruggedized proximity switches for metal detection are approved for use in zones 0 and 20 areas with potentially explosive atmospheres (HazLoc). They are available in M12, M18 and M30 standard designs. IGEXHa and IGEXPa are two sensors that withstand high-pressure cleaning and ambient temperatures up to 140 °C and down to -60 °C respectively. The corresponding IKMb 122 Ex evaluation device with a compact 22 mm wide DIN-rail housing for galvanic isolation and evaluation is installed in a control cabinet outside hazardous zones. Green, yellow and red LEDs on the housing front indicate the operating states of the connected proximity switch.

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