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New online application guide for offshore wind installations now available from Glamox 

Global LED lighting specialist Glamox has published a new online application guide for offshore wind installations, as well as a new brochure for the offshore wind energy sector.

Offshore wind energy will continue to play a key role in energy transition and the world’s ongoing journey to Net Zero. Many oil & gas companies and their contractors are already embracing offshore wind and the benefits it can provide.


A light management system (LMS) from Glamox is a beneficial choice for offshore wind farm operators, maintenance contractors, installers and consultants. Glamox has decades of experience in the design and manufacture of lighting solutions for harsh operating environments. Offshore wind installations require state of the art lighting products that meet regulations and are tested and certified to meet the challenging conditions. Lighting solutions from Glamox are based on the best technology available on the market and are easy to plan, install, commission and use. Glamox customers range from mobile offshore drilling units and jack-ups, to floating and fixed production units, midstream objects and offshore wind farms.

Gordon Low, Area Sales Manager at Glamox International commented: “Offshore wind farms continue to grow larger. In addition, new offshore wind farms under construction are moving further from the shore and are being positioned in increased water depths. With this comes the difficulty of maintenance.”

“For these installations, Glamox can draw on its expertise in lighting solutions for marine applications, which will play a vital role in wind farm operations and maintenance work. Glamox lighting complies with all the marine and offshore standards and our luminaires, in either 316 stainless steel or seawater-resistant aluminium, will be the preferred choice of materials for these extremely harsh environments.”

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