What does your hard hat say about you? The benefits of customisation

Providing your workforce with a hard hat they can be proud of isn’t just a nice to have, but essential to operating a safe site.  

But beyond choosing a hard-hat that is high quality, comfortable and with a low profile and modern design, you can improve them further by taking advantage of MSA’s hard hat branding. 

How does branding improve safety on site

We know that the safest helmet is the one that workers are going to wear and unifying your employees with a sense of pride and cohesiveness, by providing a branded hard-hat, dramatically improves the use of PPE and people’swillingness to look after their kit.  

Beyond that, however, there are some important benefits to customising the hard hat your workforce are using. 

Managing a busy project site can be challenging, with dozens or even hundreds of workers and sub-contractors.  It’s important to remember that many of these workers may be relative strangers and unfamiliar with an organisation’s procedures and rules.  Customising your hard hats, using different colours and artwork, provides a reminder of people’sroles and responsibilities while on site. 

Other safety features can be added on, including retro-fitted stickers, that enhance the visibility of the workers, and name badges, to enhance security on site and to ensure it is restricted to those that should have access. You can also use it to promote potentially life-saving safety messages and reminders.  

Furthermore, in an increasingly competitive market, customisation, including the printing of companies’ logos, is an invaluable marketing tool, enabling companies to stand out from the crowd.  It can also unify workforces and foster a greater sense of collective teamwork and pride.  

Experts you can rely on

Having decided that helmet customisation is a valuable tool for your company, here are some things to consider when branding up your hard hats:

1. Check that what you have in mind conforms to your company standards before ordering
2. Think about what safety procedures you adhere to – could some of that messaging be placed on the hard hat for visibility?
3. Think about the colours and sizing of logos and messages, and how they would change when applied to the finished product. 
4. How quickly can the product be turned around? At MSA Safety we can have logoed hard hats manufactured within as little as five working days.

Working with MSA’s Let’s Logo service, we make life simple for customers, offering

• Full colour logo and image printing
• High-quality, long-lasting weather-proof printing
• Low minimum order quantity
• 13 types of hard hat, with 10 stock colours to choose from
• Simple re-ordering, with artwork kept on file, making repeat orders quick and easy

Ordering from MSA you get all this, and our best-in-class helmets.  We know that comfort and fit aren’t nice to haves, but essential to safe site operation.  That’s because we’ve been protecting lives for over 100 years.  

Our team is here to help make purchasing high quality, customised hard hats, quick and hassle-free.  And, if you’re using a safety helmet from another brand, for a limited time we are offering a free front logo if you make the switch to us. 

Visitmsasafety.com/customhardhatsto experience the benefits of hard-hat customisation for yourself.

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