Pipeline Corrosion Mapping at Speed – Where there’s a Wheel there’s a way!

Sonatest are proud to launch the new Corrosion Wheelprobe, which has been specifically designed for Pipeline Corrosion Mapping applications.  Continuing the proven success of Sonatest’s WheelProbe range, this new model is proving to be unrivalled in the field of corrosion mapping in terms of speed and ease of use, in addition to achieving excellent results.

Ergonomically designed, the Corrosion Wheel Probe offers smooth handling, good control and comfortable grip positions for scanning around pipes and for easy overhead work.  Circumferential and Longitudinal scanning are both completed rapidly and can be performed on pipes with diameters between 3 and 32 inches.

Fast and easy configuration for different pipe diameters is adjsutable in the field thanks to the Pipe Diameter Scale on the instrument itself  which enables quick adjustments and fine tuning.

The Corrosion WheelProbe is not only compatible with NDT Systems and instruments available from the Sonatest Ltd range, such as the Rapidscan Series, but also with a wide range of industry standard instruments, making this instrument one of the most flexible and result-driven pieces of testing equipment that can currently be invested in.  

The industry sectors where the Corrosion Wheelprobe™ can be used include Petrochemical, Offshore, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Composite Manufacturing and Marine. Sonatest Ltd is a leading independent manufacturer of Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors, X-Ray Equipment, Scanning Systems, Thickness Gauges, Transducers and NDT accessories.

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