Air ConditioningWatkins Hire Ltd are proud to announce the launch of their brand new air conditioning hire range called KwikCOOL(tm)
We have recognised the market place for high quality and high output air conditioning equipment. This range of air conditioning units reflects that need and will meet the varied range of applications. These will include comfort cooling, corporate and public events, equipment cooling, server rooms, manufacturing, exhibitions, sports Halls, storage, retail and education. This is a brief list and is not exhaustive, in fact where-ever cool air is needed these units will be of value. 

Extensive field tests have proven these units to be reliable and consistent. The quiet operation with simple controls make these air conditioning units 'User Friendly'.

Our team of dedicated engineers and vehicles can deliver and install these units to any site with the shortest possible delay. Either as a planned event or emergency situation we can ensure a speedy installation and can have the unit delivering cool air into where it is required within 15 minutes of being on site.

Our sales managers can visit your site free of charge to prepare a plan should you feel the need for temporary air conditioning or in a breakdown emergency. We have locations strategically placed throughout the U.K with all required air conditioning units and accessories ready to go.

A Watkins Hire spokesperson has quoted "This is an exciting new venture for Watkins Hire, we are ready and able to deliver cooling solutions to a wider customer base which stands us in place to be amongst the market leaders not only on boiler hire and warm air heating but also in air conditioning".

This product range will sit into the Watkins Hire Ltd range of equipment to increase our profile in the market place. Our range of 'Heatgen' (tm) heating boiler plant, trailerised and containerised steam plant rooms, static steam plant, 'City Hire' flue dilution units, "FuelPAK"(tm) bunded fuel tanks and "KwikHEAT"(tm) heaters are all available from our various locations through out the U.K.

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