Industrial Cooling

Degussa calls upon Energyst for its climate-control issues collaboration between Degussa and Energyst is very varied in its nature. Within the framework of the expansion of the public utilities, linked with the construction of the new Methionine factory in Antwerp, Energyst offers support by means of temporary heating and cooling equipment.

In consultation with the central energy unit, and their German colleagues, Energyst supplied several back-up central heating boilers during the expansion work carried out within the gas supply system.

Other applications are found more in the temporary necessity for heating during the construction project of the Methionine factory and as a replacement for an existing piece of equipment that is not working as it should.

Both space cooling and production cooling are required at Degussa, both planned and on call. On the one hand to control the climate in technical areas in the event of extremely high outside temperatures, and on the other hand for production cooling during planned or acutely necessary maintenance work.

From 90°C hot water systems to -15°C chiller
Range from Energyst, especially heating and cooling
This is always offered as a total package, including all kinds of extra fittings according to the application

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