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Safety Officers' Noise Measurement Kits

CirrusAfter many requests, Cirrus Research plc have combined their most popular noise measurement instruments into a

Draeger Safety Improves Full Face Protection With New

X-plore 6000The new Draeger X-plore 6000 range of Full Face Masks combines quality and reliability with comfort and ease of use.  As successors to the popular Panorama Nova Standard threaded mask, this economical range is available in five different versions and features an integral bar code and a variety of fresh new colours.  Ideal for use in any application requiring reliable respiratory protection and clear vision, the masks are fully compatible with all Rd40 standard thread filters, as well as powered air purifying respirators and normal pressure compressed air breathing apparatus.  

The new integral barcode means that not only is the mask uniquely identifiable and, therefore, more hygienic in use, but it can also be easily tracked for inventory and maintenance purposes.  Available in one universal size and featuring a triple sealing action, the X-plore 6000 range also benefits from a double-layered face seal to offer the highest possible protection for every type of face.  



Tank Manhole CoverAlfa Laval has introduced a new range of tank man hole covers designed to provide safe and easy access to tanks and vessels used in sanitary applications in the food, wine, beverage and dairy industries. Suitable both for tanks and containers such as bottling and washing machines, the manhole covers are designed to provide a lockable means of access to the interior of a vessel. The rear e models specifically intended for installation above or below the internal liquid level of the tank and the covers can be supplied in oval, circular and rectangular shapes.


Safety MasksRationalisation simplifies selection and accounts for user preferences 

Scott Health & Safety have responded to market requirements by undertaking a major review of its Negative Pressure Respirator range, involving rationalisation and innovative design modifications to their range of half and full facemasks. Scott

The New PSS 7000

pss 7000Forming part of a revolutionary, complete system solution from Draeger Safety, the new Draeger PSS 7000 Breathing Apparatus (BA) has been specifically designed with the needs of firefighters in mind.  Developed by professionals for use in even the most hostile of environments, this innovative set boasts advanced technology as well as a modular design.  Enabling the set to be easily and quickly configured to suit different operational requirements, it also provides seamless integration with facemasks, head protection and communications equipment.

Easily upgraded to meet future needs, the Draeger PSS 7000 is the latest development in Draeger

MK 7 Safety Helmet from JSP

Safety HelmetBuilding on over 30 years experience designing and manufacturing industrial safety helmets, JSP are pleased to introduce the most feature-rich safety helmet designed yet.  The MK 7 helmets have been designed with comfort, performance and style in mind and incorporate the most innovative features seen yet on a safety helmet.

The helmets come with three principle options as follows;

- with standard peak for sun and wet weather protection or;
- short peak for working at heights or surveying;

- in non-ventilated format giving insulation against the electrical test or;
- in ventilated format in the crown of the helmet to ensure maximum convection of heat away from the wearer and fresh cool air to ventilate.


High Visability PaintAccidents are unusual, but when they happen they tend to be slips and trips. Hazards presented by kerbs or steps can be reduced by the use of Watco High Visibility Paint.  Its special fluorescent pigments offer excellent visibility, and the paint can be used on concrete, stone, brick, masonry or asphalt and similar porous surfaces.
Applied by brush or roller, Watco High Visibility Paint can be applied to damp surfaces and only one coat is normally required.

The product is also ideal for line marking, walkways and playgrounds, and offers excellent resistance to UV and weathering.

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Maintenance-free, low cost gas detection for up to 120 days with new Draeger X-am 1100 Personal Air

x-am 1100Ideal for short term or routine applications such as industrial shutdowns, the new Draeger X-am 1100 Personal Air Monitor provides up to 120-days detection of explosive gases and vapours, including diesel fumes, as well as oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S).  Offering a cost effective, more convenient alternative to a rental device, this lightweight instrument eliminates the problems often associated with damage or loss and can simply be disposed of after use.

Completely maintenance-free and no larger than a mobile phone, the pre-calibrated X-am 1100 is easy to use.  Designed for intuitive operation and featuring a practical two-key control panel and straightforward menu guidance system, it also benefits from a large liquid crystal display which provides all readings at a glance.


Incorporating the latest miniaturised XXS generation of powerful electrochemical DraegerSensors, the inclusion of a catalytic Ex sensor, calibrated to methane, also means that it can provide improved safety when facing unknown hazards. 

Health & Safety For The Plastics Sector

Health & Saftety LegislationThe BPF is a key source of expertise and information on Health and Safety issues as they relate to the plastics sector. The Federation is dedicated to ensuring that Health and Safety within the plastics industry shows continuing improvement and that employees are appropriately protected:

The BPF Health and Safety Committee devises and holds regular

The BPF conducts ab Annual Accident Survey - the personalised survey results are distributed to member companies, enabling them to benchmark their own health & safety performance with the industry average.

seminars to update industry H&S Practitioners from the member community.