Fume & Dust Extraction

Nederman Product Catalogue 2009/2010

Based in Helsingborg, Sweden, Nederman is a global player in working environment products and systems. Over 60 years of experience have helped the Group develop a modern and extensive product range.

Nederman is a world leader in dust and smoke extraction, exhaust fume extraction, hose and cable reels and workplace partitioning.
With sales in more than 50 countries and its own distribution network, Nederman is the best-known brand in the industry on a global basis.

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Introduction and applications

Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems

For stationary vehicles
Single/Twin Exhaust Extractor
Exhaust Hose Reels
Exhaust Rail System
Balancer and Emission kits
Trackarm system
Exhaust Nozzles and Hoses
Bench Top Extraction System
Selection Guide
Bench Top Extraction Kits
Bench Top Arms and Accessories
Bench Top Filter units
Extraction Arms
Selection Guide
Extraction Arms, non explosive environment
Extraction Arm/Rail
Extraction Arms, vehicle repair shop
Extraction Arms, explosive environment

General information Fan

Portable Fans
Control equipment
Filter and Filter Systems

General information Filter Systems

Portable Fume eliminator
Modular Filter Systems MFS
Mobile Filter Systems
Modular Extraction/Filter Systems
NOM Oil Mist Filter Systems

Central High Vacuum Systems for
grinding, sanding, welding and cleaning

General Information
L-Pak HighVacuum Filter Unit

Grinding, Sanding, Welding On-tool Extraction Kit

Extraction Nozzles
Vacuum Cleaning Sets
Industrial Extraction Hoses   
Mobile High Vacuum Cleaning Units
Selection Guide
Electric Powered
Air Powered
Air Powered EX approved

Mobile Sand Blaster Unit

Nederman Suction Blaster

Reels – Air, Water, Oil, Grease,
Gas & Electricity

Selection Guide
Hose Reels
Anti-corrosion and Stainless Steel Hose Reels
EX-approved Hose Reels
Vacuum Hose Reels
Cable Reels
Workplace Screening 

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