Fume & Dust Extraction

DC 1800 EX

The DC 1800 EX is suitable for general cleaning and source extraction. The DC 1800 is small and lightweight, therefore suitable for those that need a highly portable machine that still is powerful enough for source extraction. With its low weight it is easy to carry onto the job site and it can be easily stored or rolled under a workbench.

The DC 1800 is equipped with a steel container and a plastic bag can be used inside the container. It is equipped with a brushless motor (for spark-free operation) and is certified to IP5X standard.

DC 1800 EX 230 V UK 13C3350C60  

DC 1800 EX 115 V UK 13C3310C60  

DC 1800 EX 115 V US/Can 13C3320C60  

Ladda ner user_instruction_DC_1800_EX.pdf instruction DC 1800 EX (PDF: 791kB)

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