Condition Monitoring/Predictive Maintenance


Leonova InfinityA new, versatile and comprehensive handheld machine condition analyser is launched by SPM Instrument AB, Sweden.


New condition monitoring product for the pulp and paper industry From SPM Instrument.

MG4-Ref11A new variant of the MG4 has been introduced. Called MG4-Ref11, it has been developed for the pulp and paper industry for continuous monitoring of refiners.
Refiner disc segments getting in contact with each other cause the segments to break. Spare segments are expensive and the margin of error in this application is very small. This requires measuring equipment to be extremely fast. The MG4-Ref11 has been adapted to these requirements and has a measuring cycle of approximately 0.4 seconds for shock pulse measurements.

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Artesis brings all the benefits of condition monitoring, at a fraction of the usual effort and cost

Artesis Con MonSince 2002, customers worldwide have avoided failures of their equipment, from vital production equipment to the office air conditioning, by using Artesis

Artesis dramatically improve downtime.

Auto ManufactureRustem Yildiz is maintenance manager responsible for the Gebze plant which supplies Daimler-Chrysler, Ford, Toyota and Honda on a Just-in-Time basis. From his office, he can access data on the current condition of all the equipment monitored by the Artesis MCM units, and is automatically notified of any changes in status, indicating a potential deterioration in performance.  In addition to the excellent downtime figures, he measures the success of the system by a significant improvement in his homelife, resulting from a dramatic reduction in the number of out of hours calls he receives, that previously had disrupted his evenings.

In his opinion, key elements behind the success have been:

So you think you have the right Maintenance Program?

Maintenance StrategyMany organizations feel that if they can move from reactive to preventive maintenance they are headed on the right path, and that this in turn means they are on the road to proactive maintenance. However, as has been demonstrated by many studies, in excess of 80 percent of all failures are random. Therefore, time-based preventive maintenance (PM) programs will not be effective because you will, in most cases, be doing too much work too soon or too little work too late.

Over the past few decades, the demands placed on maintenance have been changing. In leading companies today maintenance is no longer viewed as a cost center, but rather is expected to contribute to the strategic goals of the company. In today


DN36 Spyder RangeThe DN36 Spyder range of machine monitoring and protection equipment and the SpyderNet plug in and play monitor are available from condition monitoring specialists Sensonics Ltd.

Photo Caption:  DN36 Spyder gives remote monitoring of up to 8 channels

The complete DN36 family is line stackable to ensure rapid system integration/installation and minimal wiring requirements and can be connected to any Ethernet network to provide remote monitoring via standard Internet tools.  DIN rail mounting to either 35mm or G type DIN rails, ensures that monitors can be mounted in panels with other equipment or positioned locally in a junction box to the machine to be monitored.

Suitable for monitoring many types of rotating machinery, including turbines, motors, pumps and fans etc the complete DN36 Series offers dual channel monitoring, providing

Root Cause Analysis is more Effective After Basics are Implemented

Maintenance Engineer Article Written By Idhammar Reliability & Maintenance Management Consultants.

Many reactive organizations conclude that RCA is the first agenda item for improving reliability. But after completing a few root cause activities, it's obvious that the results will point to already-known problem areas, such as inferior preventive maintenance (PM) and planning and scheduling. The initial reasoning to start an RCA initiative often follows this train of thought: We have a lot of equipment breakdowns, so . . . step one should be to analyze those breakdowns in order to . . . identify the root cause of the breakdowns in order to . . . eliminate the root causes.

It sounds logical and reasonable when presented this way, but if basic PMs and planning and scheduling aren't in place, most RCAs will point to these deficiencies. Typical outcomes of analyses fall on the wrong amount or type of lubrication, shaft misalignment, unbalanced equipment, missed inspections and overhauls. The "human" or "process" causes often relate to poorly planned work orders.



Planned Preventative Maintenance

TM SparesEntrusting business processes to dedicated service providers who can perform them more efficiently and cost effectively, allows organisations more freedom to innovate and specialise, pursuing excellence in their core business field.It could take as many as 20

Chewing gum manufacturer eliminates unplanned downtime

Schaeffler Reducing DowntimeBy installing bearing lubricators and vibration monitoring equipment on its production machinery, chewing gum maker Gumlink has eliminated bearing defects and unplanned stoppages.

Gumlink A/S, based in Denmark, develops, produces and sells chewing gum products. The company was established in 1915 and currently employs around 600 people and has an annual turnover of around