Access Equipment

Safety Tower

Protec was developed to meet a very specific brief – create a platform system to go in to those places metal towers can’t.It’s made from glass re-enforced plastic (GRP), which makes it non-corrosive, non-conductive and spark resistant. Because of that, it’s perfect for those situations where it simply wouldn’t be safe for a metal tower to be. Electric lines in the Rail sector, Off-shore rigs in the Petrochemical industry, highly charged production lines in manufacturing plants. All are being safely served by custom designed Protec systems day in, day out.

Taking Care of Business
There’s more to Protec than the fact that it’s non conductive. It’s also incredibly clean. This may seem a strange boast to anyone involved in heavy industry, but it’s the fact that Protec stays clean which makes it the perfect system for a wide range of additional applications. The food industry, for example, or the retail sector. Heritage and Conservation sites. Situations that have working at height needs, but which also have to think about dust free, hygienic solutions.
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