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Viper Wire Rope Lubricators Providing Fast, Safe & Efficient cleaning & lubrication of wire ropes

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hes oct 19 3Viper Wire Rope Lubricators Providing Fast, Safe & Efficient cleaning & lubrication of wire ropes

The Viper MKII Wire Rope Lubricator range provides fast, safe and effective cleaning and lubricating of wire ropes. Wire ropes from 6mm (1/4”) to 165mm (6-1/2”) in diameter can be greased at speeds up to 2,000 meters per hour.

The high strength cast aluminium collars are lightweight and with design features such as the unique inbuilt carry handles for the Viper Mid & Maxi WRL’s, are easy to install & operate. (Read More) 

The collars come complete with stainless steel hardware to provide maximum corrosion protection.

The Viper WRL package eliminates the HS&E risks associated with manual lubrication while delivering the best possible lubrication result for your wire ropes.

Increases the life of wire rope assets by up to 300% compared to manual lubrication
Reduces relubrication time of ropes from several days to several hours compared to manual lubrication
Safer work environment
Environmental benefit with less lubricant disposal needed.

Viper WRL Variants:

The Viper WRL is available in three sizes, Maxi MKII, Mid MKII and Mini MKII. Constructed from high grade, cast aluminium with a robust protective coating.

Each of the Viper Wire Rope Lubricators are supplied in an aluminium storage case, with all the components required to get you started.

Viper Mini    6mm – 36mm Wire Ropes
Viper Mid    6mm – 67mm Wire Ropes
Viper Maxi    50mm – 165mm Wire Ropes

The Viper Seal

What makes the Viper WRL seal so special?
The unique Viper seal design is at the heart of the Viper WRL package. The selected polyurethane material is wear resistant to ensure long service life but still flexible enough to mould to the rope. This flexibility helps reduce leakage but more importantly massages the lubricant into the rope, thus increasing penetration of the lubricant and the protection from corrosion that this provides.

Other wire rope lubricators tend to simply coat the outside of the rope. The length of the Viper Mid and Maxi collar / seal combination also increases the dwell time that the rope has with the lubricant, which also helps with application and ultimately leads to longer rope life and extended lubrication intervals.

Viper seals are proven to have lasted for > 15,000 metres of rope.

Viper Rope Cleaners (VRC’s)

Viper Rope Cleaners enable the removal of contamination or built up old lubricant from the wire rope prior to lubrication, improving the effectiveness of the lubrication process via the Viper WRL.

Viper Rope Cleaners are available in left and right hand lay, to suit 6 and 8 strand ropes and other strand configurations on request.

For certain types of wire ropes where the standard Viper Rope Cleaner is not suitable the Viper ‘Smooth Bore’ rope cleaner is available. It would typically be used on ropes with a large number of outer strands, some non-rotational ropes, ROV cables, etc, where the valleys between the strands are minimal and do not readily facilitate a standard Viper Rope Cleaner.

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