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Opgal’s EyeCGas 2.0 Brings Wireless Capabilities to OGI

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hes july aug 19 29Opgal’s EyeCGas 2.0 Brings Wireless Capabilities to OGI

With the increasing human impact on the planet and ever tightening regulations from governments, there’s a clear need for more effective emission control solutions.
The science is clear: If we don’t drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the next decade, the warming will spiral out of control and damage will be “irreversible.”
And with forecasts telling our output of fossil fuels will only keep growing — to some 20 million barrels a day in 2025 in the US alone — there’s much reason for being concerned. (Read More)


We need innovations

New capture requirements and methane rules, such as the US federal Clean Air Act and the EPA’s “Quad Oa” (OOOOa), is not a panacea that will solve everything. Neither will curbing the so-called “venting” and “flaring” practices (when facilities release into the atmosphere and burn excess gasses).
Technological innovations in the past two decades that address gas leaks have led to a decrease of fugitive gas emissions. The effectiveness of the OGI technology has been recognized globally, and these cameras are now a major tool for detection of volatile gas leaks in the fossil fuel, energy, and chemical industries.
For one example, MERIDIAN Energy is building “the world’s cleanest refinery” in Texas, US, which is going to use high-level of emissions control technology, primarily OGI cameras. The emissions rates will be so low that, for the first time in history, a refinery in the shale-rich North Dakota has been classified as a minor and not major source under the US air quality rules.

Despite these innovations we still need more effective technology, as the data and science shows.
Opgal Optronic Industries has presented an innovative product, an OGI camera paired with wireless technology. The new product drastically improves the effectiveness of gas leak detection efforts.

EyeCGas 2.0

EyeCGas 2.0 is the result of over 35 years of industry experience, R&D, and listening to the customers’ feedback.  
OGI cameras have been traditionally used to detect leaks mostly as stand-alone devices. EyeCGas 2.0 works in tandem with existing systems wirelessly feeding data to the operator’s room.

The new camera, touted as “the most connected OGI camera in the world,” allows live video streaming and real-time synchronization to the cloud thanks to high-speed Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth communication capabilities. The Bluetooth integration with method 21 analyzers allows for real-time on-screen display of PPM readings which is crucial for quick response.

Ultimately this means saving time, reducing the cost of data analysis and report generation, and faster operator’s response.
Not only operators can respond faster, but also more precisely. One of the key features of EyeCGas 2.0 cameras is GPS coordinates overlay, which allows to easily trace a leak to its source for repair and subsequent verification of repair. Thanks to the automation, facilities can considerably boost the effectiveness of their gas leak detection operations.

The new EyeCGas is also more accurate. A new Thermography Mode is an important feature in all EyeCGas cameras that allows for high-precision temperature measurement. And paired with a new LCD screen with 6 color palettes this provides the operator with strikingly detailed visualization.
The new EyeCGas is also powerful. The new camera allows for quick LDAR digitization of over 400 hydrocarbon and VOC gases, including methane and benzene. With NETD of <12mK, EyeCGas 2.0 detects very small leaks (0.35 g/hr of methane at temperature difference of 2°  and at 2m distance) at remote locations where a traditional camera would be less than effective.

EyeCGas 2.0 is an ergonomically designed handheld device offering optimal convenience out in the field. The camera is equipped with an anti-glare shield that prevents fatigue for the operator.
Finally, EyeCGas 2.0 is certified to meet or exceed the OOOOa requirements and is the only OGI camera certified for  both IP65 and the following hazardous locations certifications: Ex II 3G EX nL IIC T6; UL1604 Class I and II Div 2, and Class III; CSA C22.2 No. 213-M1987, Class I Div 2; ANSI/ISA-12.12.01 Class I and II Div 2, and Class III environments.

Closing words

Being able to spot problems quickly is key to preventing gas leakage into the environment and the possibility of penalties by environmental regulators. By marrying OGI and Wireless technologies, Opgal’s innovative EyeCGas 2.0 cameras further improve safety, increase efficiency, save costs, and protect the environment.
For over 35 years, Opgal Optronic Industries has been setting the standard for thermal imaging systems. Through dedication to R&D, customer-centric approach, and adherence to highest standards Opgal produces some of the most trusted OGI products for industrial, civil, military, and other applications.

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