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Vacuum Cleaners for ATEX Zone 22 – Don’t Poke the Sleeping Bear

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hes july aug 19 14Vacuum Cleaners for ATEX Zone 22 – Don’t Poke the Sleeping Bear

Many accidents and tragedies happen when several variables all come together to create the perfect circumstances for a hazard to materialise.

Sometimes, when the conditions are perfect, even a small risk can be provoked into an unfortunate event, and then of course, in hindsight, people wish they had taken different decisions. (Read More)


ATEX Zone 22 is described as “a place in which an explosive atmosphere in the form of a cloud of combustible dust in air is not likely to occur in normal operation but, if it does occur, will persist for a short period only”; i.e. an infrequent and low risk. However, this describes a situation where occasionally, when conditions are perfect, an explosive atmosphere does exist.

Vacuum Cleaners and dust go together like fish and chips; where you find one, you find the other, so it is sensible that the Vacuum Cleaners used wherever there is a risk of a dust explosion are specifically designed to minimise that risk.

The BVC range of ATEX rated Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems from Quirepace are designed to protect against the potential sources of sparks which might ignite flammable dust. Anti-static components, brushless motors, ATEX rated electrical enclosures, and non-sparking materials, mitigate against generating sparks that might cause ignition. CVC Systems are designed with explosion protection including explosion relief panels, flameless vent units or inert powder suppression systems and passive isolation when required.

ATEX rated Vacuum Cleaners cost a small premium, but the consequences of ignoring the hazard can be catastrophic, so don’t poke the sleeping bear; if the dust in your workplace is potentially combustible, don’t take chances, specify ATEX rated vacuum cleaners. BVC portable Industrial Vacuum Cleaners range from 1kW to 15kW and Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems can be installed for larger applications.

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