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New CORALUM treatment by Cortem Group

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hes july aug 19 8New CORALUM treatment by Cortem Group

anti-oxidation protection for aluminum alloy products installed in aggressive environments

CORALUM is a new surface treatment exclusively offered by Cortem Group on the aluminum alloy (Read More)

products upon request.
It is a surface protection treatment based on an electroceramic coating applied by electrolytic deposition method directly on the aluminium alloy. Above CORALUM is then applied the Cortem’s thermosetting powder coating based on crosslinked polyester resins RAL 7035 gray special, pigmented with stainless steel powders to give a greater resistance to impact and an orange peel finish.

CORALUM provides superior performances compared to other treatments when used in aggressive chemical environments of industrial petrochemical plants and, above all, where there is a typical saline-humid environment in coastal and off-shore installations.

According to the most recent heavy tests carried out in the Cortem laboratory in the presence of high concentration salt spray, the normal passivation and painting treatments, supplied “standard” by Cortem on all the painted products, ensure an average life of about 1,000 hours without the oxidation affects the painted surfaces of the aluminum alloy.

With the simple and effective application of the CORALUM treatment, the antioxidation characteristics of the aluminum alloy increase by 100%, confirming the equivalence, in terms of classification on corrodibility, according to the C5 – UNI EN ISO 12944:2018 standard typical of steels.

CORALUM allows to combine all the advantages of aluminum alloys with the typical characteristics of stainless steels such as resistance to corrosion from acids and alkalis, extreme hardness, antistatic and anti-abrasion properties.

This treatment also ensures savings in time and money: less maintenance of the surfaces of all the equipment made of aluminum alloy and a much lower initial cost than any other possible treatment or the use of more valuable materials. Finally, CORALUM is environmentally friendly as it is not an anodic oxidation treatment.

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