Air Design launches standard range of Air Handling Units

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Air Design launches standard range of Air Handling Units

With increased demand for improved energy efficiency and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Air Design, the leading brand of air handling units from Elta Group, has answered these requirements with the launch of PURA - a new range of standard energy recovery Air Handling Units.

Using heat and/or coolth* recovery technologies, the standard range of extruded aluminium pentapost frame Air Handling and Energy Recovery Units are able to minimise utility bills for improved energy savings and increased performance. The PURA units are suitable for both internal and external applications and in a range of sectors, from industrial and commercial buildings to healthcare and educational facilities.

The units come equipped with a plate heat exchanger or rotor and an electric heater or low pressure hot water (LPHW) coil for heat provision. For cooling, a chilled water of refrigerant coil (Read More) 

can be used.
Responding to the need for improved IAQ, the PURA units have achieved a casing air leakage classification of L1 for minimum ingress of polluted air and have a filter bypass leakage ration below 1%. Rated according to EN ISO 16890, the standard filters also achieve efficiencies of up to ePM1 70% to promote the supply of good air quality.

Ana Cross, Associate Product Manager Air Handling Systems (UK) at Elta Group comments: “Air handling units are arguably the most important part of a ventilation and air conditioning system, as they remove polluted air from indoor spaces and replace it with clean, fresh, and sometimes humidified air, at the right temperature.

“At Air Design, we are well accustomed to creating bespoke ventilation products for our customers to fulfil any requirement but have noticed increased demand for standard products which are equally efficient and reliable.”
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