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Opgal’s EyeCGas optical gas imaging cameras

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hes mar april 19 16Opgal’s EyeCGas optical gas imaging cameras

Over 35 years of industry experience, R&D, and listening to the clients’ feedback allows Opgal to deliver state-of-the-art optical gas imaging solutions that are trusted in over 60 countries globally.
Opgal aims to produce OGI cameras that exceed requirements set forward by the customers. The result is OGI offerings that meet the strictest regulations, follow highest safety standards, and offer best-in-class efficiency and speed. (Read More)


Following the introduction of the EPA’s QuadOa regulations and thanks to the effectiveness of optical gas imaging technology, OGI cameras are now the tool of choice for detecting volatile gases in the oil & gas, energy generation, and chemical and petrochemical industries. Detection of industrial gas leaks is crucial for businesses. OGI cameras help improve safety, increase operational efficiency, and protect the environment.

EyeCGas® 2.0 VOC

Building on customer experience from the first generation EyeCGas. EyeCGas 2.0 is the only OGI camera with wireless capabilities. Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication, EyeCGas 2.0 allows live video streaming and video download. Saving time and reducing costs of data analysis and report generation.

EyeCGas 2.0 is LDAR ready, allowing for easy integration with leading LDAR software tools. In addition the new thermography mode allows temperature measurement and multiple-color palettes for better versatility.
With NETD of <12mK, EyeCGas® 2.0 is the most sensitive OGI camera in the market, and can detect even the smallest leaks at remote locations, where a traditional leak survey can be problematic. The camera comes with a glare shield that supports magnification by 300% and reduces fatigue for the user.
It is certified to meet OOOOa requirements.

EyeCGas® CO2

EyeCGas® CO2 is a rugged OGI device. In addition to all the improvements made to the EyeCGas 2.0, it is equipped with a high-sensitivity detector, and can detect even the smallest CO2 concentrations (as low as 3%). Applications include repair confirmation, power generation plants and enhanced oil recovery operations.
The camera is certified for ATEX zone 2 and UL class I Div II hazardous environments.

EyeCGas® CO

EyeCGas® CO is also a rugged handheld camera specifically engineered for detecting small leaks of carbon monoxide and a number of other harmful gases. Its primary application is in the steel, chemical, and power generation industries where toxic gases are part of the manufacturing process or a byproduct of the production.
It is the only OGI camera that is certified for ATEX zone 2 and UL class I Div II hazardous environments.  

Closing words

OGI cameras have become indispensable tools for ensuring the safety and efficiency of industrial facilities. Facilities that regularly use Opgal’s innovative OGI products not only save money by not having to shut down plants, but also considerably reduce emissions. They achieve this by simply using the right technology and detecting fugitive gas leaks early.

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