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Light-Signalling In Case Of High Obstacles - The New Ex System “Safefly Light System” By Cortem Group

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hes mar april 19 8Light-Signalling In Case Of High Obstacles - The New Ex System “Safefly Light System” By Cortem Group

CORTEM GROUP presents SAFEFLY LIGHT SYSTEM, a versatile and innovative high obstacle light up system powered and controlled by a control panel installed at the base of the plant.

“Obstacles to fly” are commonly defined vertical constructions such as buildings of large dimensions, power lines, antenna repeaters, supports, chimneys, wind generators, cableways, stretched ropes (Read More) 

and similar infrastructures that exceed a certain height from the ground.

There are different international and regional standards that regulate the location and the relative positioning of the aircraft warning lighting equipment such as ICAO, FAA, ENAC.

Even for environments with danger of explosion with structures coming out of the ground level with heights that fall within the parameters of the regulations, it is necessary to foresee their warning with the same criteria provided by the standards.


The system consists of the new series of low-intensity XLFE-4/1 (>32 candela) series and the medium-intensity XLFE-MIB (> 2.000 candela) series obstacle signalling lighting fixtures characterized by excellent lighting and mechanical properties designed for areas with an explosive atmosphere and for installation in industrial plants.
If necessary, the SAFEFLY LIGHT SYSTEM automatically switches on the warning lights and indicates the problem on the control panel. It also synchronizes two or more signal units via CABLE or GPS signal.
The light switch can be activated either manually or automatically, or via a twilight sensor.


XLFE-4.../1 series lighting fixture, red in color with a luminous intensity of more than 32 candles, complies with the ICAO Annex 14 standard for low intensity aviation warning lamps type A and type B (corresponding to the FAA L-810). It is equipped with an internal reflector in chromium-plated anticorodal aluminium alloy and it can be provided with double circuit (main/spare).

XLFE-MIB series lighting fixture, red in color too, features a lighting intensity of more than 2.000 candles and a flashing operation at 20 fpm. The particular design avoids any type of optical error typical of the glass globes.

The installation of the XLFE series is made easier by the reduced dimensions and the wiring through a simple metal cable gland connected to an increased safety junction box, integrated and equipped with its own support terminal board, thus avoiding the use of cable glands to be sealed at height.

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