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SPE Oil and Gas India Conference and Exhibition Offers an In-Depth Technical Journey

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SPE Oil and Gas India Conference and Exhibition Offers an In-Depth Technical Journey

The 6th edition SPE Oil and Gas India Conference and Exhibition is a place where industry professionals can share, exchange, and discover new technologies to drive the industry towards a sustainable path.
The conference enables all attendees to ignite open dialogue through highly intuitive panel and technical sessions. (Read More)


Agenda Highlights

21 Technical Sessions, 117 papers from 33 companies and 16 countries. 50 ePoster presentations and 12 exhibitors.

Executive Plenary Session:

Driving India’s Energy Future  Excellence through Sustainable Growth


Samarendra Roychaudhury
Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Limited


Sami Alnuaim
2019 SPE President
Saudi Aramco

Sudhir Mathur
Chief Executive Officer
Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Limited

Sashi Mukundan
Regional President and Head of Country—India
BP India

Nitin Prasad
Shell India

Special Session: D&I—Let’s Look at the Report Card

This discussion will review both global and Indian E&P sector trends. Senior executives will reflect on the industry’s journey and provide insights into the actions that made a difference in how diversity is created and embraced in their organisations. Actions to progress the agenda even further will be identified. The discussion will also provide insights into what individuals can do to advance the agenda for themselves and their organisation.

Panel Session 1: Increasing the Resource Base

The focus of this discussion will revolve around the following topics:
Identifying New Resource Base: Doing things right, from understanding petroleum systems, to play identification and evaluation, lead and prospect assessment, and appraisal.
Exploiting the Existing Resource Base: Re-evaluate the assessment and appraisal with new technologies and see what was not visible before.
Re-evaluate the formations to find missed, bypassed, or hidden oil even in brownfields.

Panel Session 2: Extending the Economic Life and Improving Recovery

Renowned panellists will share their experience about how their organisations have successfully implemented innovative, or simply fit-for-purpose, solutions to improve recovery from their assets, and sometimes reverse the decline.

Panel Session 3: Big Data Applications in the Indian Oil and Gas Industry

The objective of this session is to highlight relevant case studies related to digital transformation through implementation of iOT.
Panel Session 4: Project Management—Field Development from Concept to End-Of-Life

Projects in the oil and gas industry are challenging due to increasing complexity and technological demands. Schedules and budgets are tight, safety is critical, and every project faces stakeholders concerned about the project’s impact on the environment and community. Managing the trade-offs between costs, schedule, technical solutions, and stakeholder requirements to preserve the project’s economic value is the core of all project management principles.

Successful project management relies upon a coherent, consistent framework that puts in place processes enabling effective decision-making.

Panel Session 5: Building Partnerships—the Way Forward

The focus of this discussion will revolve around the following topics:
Impact of global energy market on E&P companies and their service providers
The evolution of relationship between these two sectors
The positive benefits that can be realised through application of a new business model
Sharing of risk and reward to promote innovation and new technology

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