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Top quality fall protection training delivers wellbeing and business benefits

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Top quality fall protection training delivers wellbeing and business benefits

Companies that overlook top quality fall protection training do so at their peril, according to Phil Rashbrook, European Training Manager for Fall Protection at MSA Safety. MSA Safety is a global designer, manufacturer and distributor of industry-leading safety products. Here, Phil explains why investing in fall protection training is a must for safety conscious employers responsible for the safety of those working at height.

What does top quality training look like?

Teaching people comprehensively how to work safely at height includes so much more than simply showing them how to put on a harness. Quality training should implement a holistic approach, with a focus on both theoretical and practical training. (Read More)


Theory may include an overview of legislation and best approaches, including comprehensive risk assessment processes, the technical aspects of working at height and additional emergency considerations.
It’s then a case of putting that knowledge into practice. This could include the fitting of harnesses, knowing which lanyards to select and how to use them, and generally ensuring that the correct fall protection equipment is being used in the right way.

One of the most important by-products of quality training is improved confidence, both in knowing the limitations of the equipment and how to use it properly, and in making the right decisions while working at height. Armed with this confidence, people working at height should feel empowered to thoroughly and accurately assess their surroundings for safety risks, ask questions and raise potential safety concerns.

Something often forgotten is the value of keeping training fun and engaging. In my experience, an enjoyable experience generally helps to nurture a positive change in attitude.

The location of the training is important. If possible, it’s best to train people on their own site. This makes training more relevant to them. The best providers should always offer bespoke training that is tailored to each business’s unique needs.

If it is not possible to carry out training on site, the next best option is a state-of-the-art training centre with indoor facilities protected from inclement weather, and outdoor facilities with multiple applications.

Added benefits from quality providers

There is, unfortunately, no overall auditing or governing body for this type of training. Businesses therefore need to be able to trust that their training provider can offer the expertise, knowledge and experience to cover a wide array of eventualities and applications.

Typically, with top quality training comes additional benefits, such as assistance with developing and implementing rescue plans. It is a legal requirement for businesses to have rescue plans in place for those working at height, and legislation recommends that businesses should not be reliant on the help of the fire and rescue service.

Follow-up support is a key feature of a quality training provider. After initial training, a provider should offer return visits and continued support, including site audits to ensure that the benefits of training are being realised.

Importantly, quality training also helps with the creation of safety ambassadors who spread their safety knowledge throughout their company. Employees who complete engaging, comprehensive training can go back to their workplace feeling empowered, and able to competently relay all that they have learnt.

A sound investment in training

When choosing the right training partner, it’s important to consider all the above because you cannot put a price on safety. While it may be cheaper to use a less experienced and less expensive provider in the short-term, there are long-term disadvantages.

Investing in a top-quality training delivered by an experienced specialist provider will not only bring tangible business benefits but improve your workforce’s general wellbeing. Our aim at MSA Safety is to help make the world a safer place by providing people with high quality training. We offer businesses peace of mind that their employees leave us feeling better informed and well prepared to work safely at height. If you invest in the best training available, you too will find that peace of mind.

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